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E-scooter area to expand in Bundaberg, Burnett Heads

Neuron scooters expansion
Neuron has announced from Tuesday, 18 January their e-scooters will be available in more areas in Bundaberg and along the coast with the service expanding out to Burnett Heads.

An additional 75 e-scooters will be available throughout Bundaberg from tomorrow as Neuron expands its riding area as part of a 12 month trial in the region.

The extra e-scooters will provide access to the growing commercial precinct surrounding Johanna Boulevard and Enterprise Street.

The new area will also stretch a further 3km along the coastline to Burnett Heads, providing residents and tourists with access to local businesses and popular tourist destinations.

The expansion will provide tourists with a car-free option to travel from their accommodation in Bargara to the Bundaberg Port Marina, to visit the Southern Great Barrier Reef.

During turtle breeding season Neuron will work closely with Mon Repos Turtle Centre to ensure the turtle's environment remains as is.

This will mean the gates on either side of the centre will close from 6 pm – 6 am each night until the end of March.

Head of ANZ of Neuron Mobility Richard Hannah said he was delighted to be extending Bundaberg’s existing riding area.

“E-scooters have been embraced by residents and tourists in Bundaberg and Bargara and we look forward to being able to serve even more people,” he said.

“E-scooters are a fantastic way to travel around the city and the new zone will further extend people’s range, allowing them to see more, do more and spend more.

“We thank Bundaberg Regional Council for their continued trust and support.”

Bundaberg Regional Council’s sport and recreation portfolio spokesperson Cr Vince Habermann said the expansion was part of the 12-month trial of Neuron's e-scooters in the region.

“We are thrilled to see the community embrace e-scooters, they have become an integral part of the city’s transport system,” he said.

“The expanded riding and additional e-scooters will support more residents and tourists to travel around the region and support local businesses.

“The Bargara coastline is a very popular track, extending the riding zone to Burnett Heads will provide tourists with an environmentally friendly, convenient and fun way to discover more of our beautiful coastline.”

Cr Habermann said while many residents and visitors to the region were thoroughly enjoying the scooters, he implored all riders to use the equipment safely.

“It is unfortunate that a small number of e-scooter users continue to cause problems and anxiety for other members of the public through their actions while riding them, and I call on all users to do the right thing, obey safety regulations, and treat all members of the public in their vicinity with respect and courtesy,” he said.

Since first hitting the streets in April 2021 Neuron’s e-scooters have travelled close to 500,000 kilometres, eliminating an estimated 37 tonnes of CO2 by providing an alternative to short car trips.

Since doubling the e-scooter riding area in September 2021 trips have increased by 80 per cent with many suburban residents using e-scooters as part of their daily commute.

The average e-scooter journey is 2.6 km.

Trips along the Bargara Esplanade are proving to be the most popular route and Bundaberg Central is another hot spot for riders to start and end their rides.



  1. Its awesome that they actually have something for the kids to do in this Area ????????????????

  2. I thought these scooters were for mostly adults to travel with and obey all road rules however the comment on here about, something for the kids to do in this area is absolutely disgusting. That’s why there are problems with these scooters. They are also left all over the roads and footpaths and rarely do any of the kids wear the helmets.

  3. You guys do know that you don’t have to be 18 to even drive a car right? Not only that the vast majority of ones doing the wrong thing not wearing helmets & doubling are not “young” there clearly adults. It’s a speed limited & non license required vehicle.

    You could go faster with more risk of crashing & less stability on a push bike or skateboard.

  4. Thank goodness for that our Taxi company has really doped the ball, incredibly poor speed & reliability. We need a decent alternative buses can’t take you everywhere. As for the comments above of course most of the customers would be kids most Adults have cars. The service is probably not viable without the young customers.

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