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Luke’s lawn crowned Australia’s best

Australia's Best Lawn
Luke Griffin's green slice of paradise has been named Australia Best Lawn in a nation-wide competition.

Australia's best lawn has been named and the slice of paradise, featuring its own putting green, can be found right here in Bundaberg with local man Luke Griffin the master behind the mower.

Luke first took out the State Winner title in Seasol and Victa's Australia's Best Lawn Competition late last year before his lawn at his Bargara home was voted Best in Australia by the general public.

He said he was thrilled to have been recognised in the competition.

“I was extremely surprised and enormously humbled when I received an email notifying me of winning the state competition, as selected by judges, as the Best in Queensland to then go into the running against the other state winners for the Best in Australia title,” he said.

“The Best in Australia was judged by popularity on Facebook and I was even more surprised to win this.

“There were amazing lawns amongst the other entries.”

Featuring pristine grass and including a golf putting green, Luke said he could spend up to six hours a week maintaining his pride and joy lawn at his Bargara home.

“What I love most about it is the satisfaction of a job well done, the added improvement of the presentation of my home and the knowledge I have gained over the years that I can also use to help others make small changes but big differences to their own lawns,” he said.

“Also, I love to see the joy my children have playing on the lawn.”

Luke said his lawn was made of wintergreen couch and featured diamond patterns that were carefully designed with a specialised mower.

“It is pretty much the most common and cheapest grass type for lawns in Queensland,” he said.

“I use 50-year-old vintage Scott Bonnar reel/roller mowers which I have restored myself, to cut my lawn.

“The stripes/patterns are caused by the rollers laying the grass over as you mow it.

“You see darker stripes when the lawn has been mown ‘towards you' and the grass is pointing at you then you see lighter stripes when the lawn has been mown ‘away from you' and the blade of the grass is reflecting light back into your eyes.”

His homegrown lawn isn't the only patch of grass that Luke maintains, the local firefighter said he also offered his knowledge and assistance to help grow the grass at Bundaberg Fire Station.

“I have been maintaining the lawn there for the past 3.5 years of my own volition and at my own expense,” Luke said.

“I do this as part of showing my pride in the station and so the community can also be proud in its representation of the QFRS.”

Australia's Best Lawn
Acting Inspector Trevor Duncan and Senior Firefighter Luke Griffin at the QFRS Bundaberg Station.

Luke said with the prize he won as part of Australia's Best Lawn Competition for his Bargara lawn, he would be able to continue his work at the fire station.

“Seasol and Victa have been extremely generous with their prizes for this competition,” he said.

“I have received a range of lawn care products from Seasol and Victa have donated a range of battery powered lawn maintenance equipment including a hedge, whipper snipper/edger, leaf blower and a lawn mower.

“I am donating the prizes from this competition to the station to use to keep it looking good.”

Tips from Australia's Best Lawn winner

Luke said for those who wanted to green up their own space, a little patience and perseverance was a must.

“Creating a good lawn is about regular time and attention,” he said.

“Also, understanding of the requirements of the grass and soil types, maintenance needs and a passion to commit to the effort of regular mowing, weeding, spraying etc.

“But put simply, water it, feed it, mow it, mow it, mow it! The more often you mow the healthier your lawn will be.”




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