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Boss rescued after six days missing in quarry

Boss quarry rescue
Boral quarry manager David Law with Boss just after he was rescued from the quarry on Friday.

A much-loved, lost dog has been rescued after a six-day ordeal which saw Boss the blue staffy stranded on a private quarry on Tomato Island in Avoca.

Boss went missing from his home on Sunday evening after storms battered the region.

News of the disappearance quickly spread on social media as the community banded together to get the word out.

Organisations including Bundaberg Regional Council and Bundaberg RSPCA were also involved, as well as local businesses.

Boral's quarry manager David Law became an integral part of Boss's return, searching day after day to find the pup that could be heard howling and whimpering somewhere in the vicinity of his work site.

“I searched the entire riverbank and surrounding areas to which the dog's barking was heard three times,” he said.

“I wanted to believe it was just a dog at a neighbouring house barking and resonating down the creek but I couldn't give up hope not just for the poor animal, but for the concerned public.”

David said during the week he had received many phone calls from concerned residents who wanted to help find the staffy, but due to the nature of the construction site and safety procedures in place, public entry was not allowed.

So David continued to search for Boss himself and was elated when a sighting was confirmed on Friday morning.

“A loaded truck leaving the quarry reported seeing a piglet, to my surprise, as I have never seen one here in six years,” he said.

“A tiny piece of me hoped it may have been the barking dog so I went to investigate.

“Sure enough there he was in mud panting, but somewhat smiling, and upon opening my car door he leapt straight up on to my lap.

“I could tell he was exhausted so we gave him some rainwater and cleaned him up.”

David said Boss was in good condition considering his six-day ordeal.

“I called the owner to give him the good news,” he said. 

“He was stoked and agreed to leave him in my care until this afternoon when we both finished work and I could drop Boss home.

“Boss is the kindest-natured dog I have ever met.

“I could only imagine how heartbreaking for the family that thought they had lost him, and I am so thrilled to be able to help find him.”




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