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Childers residents switch on to Ergon upgrades

Ergon Childers upgrades
Ergon crews undertake upgrades to infrastructure in the South Isis and Childers area.

Ergon Energy has been undertaking work in the Childers area to address reliability of supply and cater to increased demand for services.

Supply to consumers in the South Isis area has recently been interrupted with four six hour planned outages.

Cooks Road resident Wayne Heidrich said it was hoped the outages would equate to “short term pain for long term gain”.

“Last last year and earlier this year it seemed the mere threat of a storm – the initial thunder and lightning – appeared to be responsible for regular blackouts in our distribution area.

“There has also been significant building activity in the South Isis area and across most of Childers and Woodgate due to the incredible activity locally in real estate.

“No doubt this additional demand is also central to Ergon’s current scope of upgrades.”

Mr Heidrich said Ergon had provided plenty of advance notice for the outages and most residents had been able to work around the supply interruptions.

“A total of 24 hours loss of power across a month is quite significant but I believe residents understand the need.”

Ergon’s Principal Communications Communications Advisor Brett Judge confirmed that work in and around the Childers area was to increase the reliability of the network in the area.

“Crews will also be replacing poles that are near end of life as part of the planned works.”

Mr Judge said there have been some storm related outages and repairs undertaken at Woodgate.

“The work also involved equipment upgrades to install automatic protection systems to reduce the frequency and duration of outages.”