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What to expect for Easter long weekend fishing

fishing report Easter
Brody Mulvena with a cracking Spanish mackerel.


Welcome back to another fishing report for the Easter long weekend.

Hopefully this weekend we will be able to get offshore with the wind dropping out a bit on Saturday, Sunday and Monday however like always keep an eye on the weather reports.

There has been a few nice longtails, mac tuna and mackerels of all types getting about.

The big spanish mackerel have been falling prey to a slowly trolled dead or live bait whilst mac tuna, spotted and school mackerel taking a fancy to metal chrome lures.

The nomad ridgeback has been a fish favourite when worked at an arm burning speed. With this cooler weather setting in we should see the snapper moving in to the inshore reefs and you should also see some big grunter being caught.      


The Burnett River has seen a huge influx of bait recently, tarpon, trevally, bream and grunter have been working over these bait schools and by the looks of my sounder on Sunday night there are some big schools of salmon schooling up around the town reach.

fishing report Easter
Katelyn Herbst – 46cm grunter at Miara Holiday Park.

The Elliott has been producing some nice whiting, bream and flathead. One of the best ways to target these species is by casting 2-3 inch plastics for bream and whiting, but a 4-5 inch lure for flathead.

Surprisingly there are still barra hiding in both river systems in big numbers, the trick is finding the bite times for when they want to feed and not when you want to catch them.

If you find them schooled up, stick with them and throw a heap of different sized lures and colours. Don’t forget to throw in the pots with good reports of mud crabs on the chew.


Both the Kolan and Baffle Creek have seen some quality crabs being caught and both rivers like most estuary systems this time of year are full of whiting, bream, grunter and flathead.

Drifting around the edges of sand bars and drop offs during a run out tide will give you a better chance of hooking these bread and butter species.

Prawns and mullet strips are always a go to but if you have a cast net you can’t beat fresh or live bait and you might even run into some good prawns to throw on the table this Easter.

fishing report Easter
Jody Williams with a nice mud crab caught in Baffle Creek.


Word has it there is still some big girls getting about and this Easter weekend we should see some good numbers being caught.

Upgrading your hooks and using heavy leader is always a great idea, this gives you a bit of insurance and peace of mind knowing that if you hook that elusive magic mete barra you have a good chance of landing it.

Any of the soft plastics around the 6 inch mark or hardbody lures like the Classic Barra or Jackall Squirrel worked along the edge of the timber and weed beds is your best bet to hook one of the mighty Monduran barramundi.

Changing up your lure selection or retrieve is often what will get one of these rod breaking machines to bite.

This Easter there will be a lot of people on the water so make sure you are patient and give everyone a wide birth, also if someone looks like they need a hand it never hurts to check if they’re okay.

Lake Monduran
Shane Anderson with a Lake Monduran Barramundi.

With that being said, I hope everyone has a great Easter and you get to eat lots of chocolate.   

That’s all folks, stay safe on the water and be mindful of your fellow fishers.

Josh Mortensen
Tackle World Bundaberg

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