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Locals encouraged to be scam aware

Bank of Queensland scams
Trudy Azzopardi from Bundaberg's Bank of Queensland is urging customers to remain vigilant after a high number of scams have been circulating.

Bank Of Queensland Bundaberg is urging residents to remain vigilant as scammers become increasingly sophisticated in their attempts to target all consumer types.

BOQ Bundaberg Branch Owner Manager Trudy Azzopardi said across the industry scams were appearing to be more authentic than ever before.

“This makes it more and more difficult to identify a scam, as these attempts may appear to be completely legitimate,” she said.

“Once fraudsters find an opportunity for monetary gain, scams have the potential to evolve very quickly, that’s why it’s important to be alert.”

Trudy said part of the reason scams could be difficult to identify was because they came in many different forms.

These may include romance scams, phishing scams or money scams.

She said in order for people not get caught up in a scam, education was vital.

Trudy said when it came to identifying suspicious activity there were some top tips she offered including refraining from sending funds upfront, using secure payment methods, never disclosing bank details and being careful of contacting people online.

“Scams can result in both financial loss and identity theft, so it’s important to remember that if it's too good to be true, it probably is.

“For anyone concerned about a potential scam, take action and get to the bottom of it sooner rather than later.

“Talk to a trusted family member or friend, take advantage of trusted resources or come visit the friendly team at the BOQ Bundaberg branch – we’re always happy to help.”

Bank Of Queensland Bundaberg scam tips:

  • Be scam aware: If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.
  • Always seek independent financial advice, prior to investing, from a registered financial advisor.
  • Be careful of who you interact with online: Look out for rapid declarations of affection and discussion of matters that involve financial hardship.
  • Confirm bank details: Always confirm bank details or a change of bank details over the phone prior to making payment and never confirm by email.

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