CommunityMillbank Scout Group take charge in Kiwi Woggle

Millbank Scout Group take charge in Kiwi Woggle

Kiwi Woggle Competition
Millbank Scout Group’s Penguin Patrol received both an A Grade camping certificate, and second place overall for the Kiwi Woggle Competition.

Local scout groups spent the Easter long-weekend in Gympie vying for the coveted trophy in this year’s Kiwi Woggle Competition.

Millbank Scout Group Leader Graham Pearce said there were in 21 patrols at the Kiwi Woggle Competition, with groups travelling from as far north as Moore Park Beach, south to Brisbane and west to Kingaroy and all were vying for the Kiwi Woggle trophy.

The competition was named after David Thain Weir (nicknamed Kiwi), who dedicated more than 20 years to scouts.

A woggle is the holder they use to keep their scarves secure.

Graham congratulated Millbank Scout Group’s Penguin Patrol for receiving not only an A Grade camping certificate, but also coming in second place overall for the camp.

“It takes a great patrol to achieve an A grade camping standard, as they need the drive and want to do their best at a camp like this, their leaders are not allowed to help them at camp,” he said.

“Scout patrols were judged on not only camp layout and construction skills but also on hygiene, food planning, rosters, gadgets, camp cleanliness, a leader's dinner, ability to work as a team, respect for themselves and others, gateway construction, campfire skit, just to name a few.”

He said the stringent judging of campsites, patrol behaviour and participation took place over the entire camp.

“Millbank arrived on site early Friday morning, had the opening parade, and then the construction started,” Graham said.

“After all the camp construction was finished, they then had fun activities to do over Saturday and Sunday.

Kiwi Woggle Competition
Millbank Scout Group leaders – Javelin, Taipan and Marlin supported the youth members at the Kiwi Woggle Competition.

“Millbank Scout Group is very proud of our scout leaders – Javelin, Taipan and Marlin, who support and guide our youth members.”

The weekend of Kiwi Woggle Competition activities included billy carts, abseiling, crate stacking, blacksmithing, wood working and gold panning.

“All youth members and leaders who attended the camp thoroughly enjoyed it,” Graham said.

“Thank you to Gympie District for hosting a great camp. Congratulations to Gympie Centenary – Eagle Patrol for winning Kiwi Woggle overall.

“Next year the Kiwi Woggle will be held in the Nambour district.”