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Safety upgrades for Bargara, Seaview Road intersection

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The intersection that will be receiving an upgrade.

The intersection of Bundaberg-Bargara Road and Seaview Road near Bargara State School will soon undergo upgrades to improve safety.

Work will include the installation of a guard rail as well as the extension of a 60km/h school zone and a dedicated right-turn lane.

Transport and Main Roads (TMR) Minister Mark Bailey said the upgrades would make the intersection safer for all road users.

“The 60km/h school zone will be extended further east and a dedicated right turn lane will be provided,” Mr Bailey said.

“TMR will also install a guardrail on the northern side of Bundaberg–Bargara Road to protect people using the path adjacent to the Seaview Road intersection.

“The community has asked for these safety upgrades and we are pleased to be able to deliver.”

Member for Bundaberg Tom Smith added the works would greatly improve safety in one of the region's busiest areas, especially during school time.

“The guardrails will ensure the safety of families and schoolchildren who might be using the footpaths going to and from school during the peak periods in the morning and afternoons,” he said.

Works are expected to begin in coming weeks and will take about two weeks to complete, conditions and weather permitting.

Work will generally occur Monday to Friday between 6 am and 6 pm.

Some periodic night and weekend work may also be required.

Residents may experience some temporary construction noise and dust during the works.

Changed traffic conditions will be in place, and there may be traffic delays.

Motorists are urged to drive to conditions and observe all road signs and any traffic controller directions. Up-to-date information about changed traffic conditions will be available from the QLDTraffic website or QldTraffic app.

“Every effort will be made to minimise impacts for residents and motorists. We thank the community for its patience while this work is being completed,” Minister Bailey said.

For more information on the safety upgrades for Bargara phone 1300 728 390 or email bundaberg.office@tmr.qld.gov.au.

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  1. If Mr Bailey and Mr Smith are that concerned about the safety of the community they should also be looking at the pedestrian crossings around the Esplanade in Bargara and the round about on See Street. The pedestrian really run the gauntlet trying to cross either of these as the motorists don’t heed the signs and the signs are conflicting, with some reading “Pedestrians gives way to vehicles” and others “vehicles give way to pedestrians”, the speed zone on the Esplanade in front of Ricks (10kms) is not even worth having because motorists don’t care.

  2. Kim,

    Pedestrian Crossings used to be black and white strips with a flashing amber sign at each end… and pedestrians had a priority on these crossing and not the ridiculous paved footways with sign that read Pedstrians have priority over vehicles. Tell that to my 2.5 ton 4WD.

    Coming down Bargara Road towards the Esplanade but after the Bargara Pub roundabout the speed limit is 20kpm but on the Esplanade the speed limit is only 10kpm with no sign as you get towards Ricks that you are entering a reduced speed limit .

    At a Bargara Progress meeting which was really a Police meet and greet opportunity I asked Bargara senior officer why no police had never been seen by local shopkeepers of a presence of police enforceing the 10km speed limit on the Esplanade… his reply astounded me

    “because we cannot enforce a 10km and hour limit on a public road.

    My solution is to replace the give way sign at the ocean end of Bargara Road and replace it with a stop sign. No observation of this sign by motorists is an easy catch for police

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