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Clear skies return for a great weekend at the beach

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Clear skies are set to return for the weekend.

After a rainy start to the week and mixed weather conditions since, clear skies will be returning for the next few days making for perfect beach conditions.


The chilly conditions are not quite gone yet, with more cold mornings and cool days headed our way – but, with plenty of sunshine and blue skies too!

The winds will only be light to moderate too, but because they are mostly offshore, they will be a little cool – hence, the daytime maximums hitting only 19 or 20 degrees.

Today’s winds will be a little gusty this morning at around 15 knots from the SW before easing back to around 10 knots from the S/SW during the day.

Saturday will then bring S/SW winds at around 10 to 15 knots, before Sunday brings slightly lighter winds at around 10 knots from the SW to W/SW.


Despite the chilly temperatures, the swimming conditions have been absolutely sensational for the past few days, with more clam and flat ocean conditions – with mild water temperatures and improving water clarity too.

Let’s face it – when it is so cold out of the water, it always feels warmer in the water.

As we look ahead to today and across the weekend, we should once again be greeted with good swimming conditions as the mostly offshore winds continue to keep the ocean calm and flat.

With this in mind, all beaches will provide ideal swimming conditions this weekend, but if you want to find the high tide conditions, you are going to hit the beach very early in the morning or wait until mid to late afternoon.

Aside from that, enjoy the gentle conditions while they last, and if you are game, get out of bed super early to witness some great sunrises over the ocean.

Please check with the Lifeguard on duty, read any safety signage or messages, and most importantly please swim only at patrolled beaches, only between the red and yellow flags, and only during patrol times – remember, if we can’t see you, we can’t save you.

Beach patrols

Today and weekdays – NIL

Saturday and Sunday – 9.00am to 5.00pm at Kelly’s Beach & Agnes Water only


Well, the ocean has been pretty much flat and calm, with almost no waves at all, for the past week – although Monday morning did present a small window of opportunity for some small, fun mal waves at around mid-tide.

Now, as we look ahead to today and across the weekend, unfortunately the swell forecast is still much the same – flat.

Maybe think about dusting off the snorkelling gear over the coming days or find a vantage point to try and spot some whales, because the surfboards will not be much use for you.

For the SUP and Ocean Ski Paddlers, there will once again be plenty of opportunities for more clam, relaxing and gentle paddles on the ocean through today and then across the weekend, but for those looking for a slick downwind paddle, the wind forecast is once again not on your side.

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