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Steps taken to shine a light on men’s health

men's health walk
Murray Stevens walking for Mens Health with carer Janine Kerr.

In recognition of Men’s Health Week The Bundy Steppers have taken their fundraising efforts to the next level, taking part in the Walk for Him fundraiser event.

Run by the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, the group are taking part in the fundraiser which challenges them to take 49,000 steps this week, while raising money for early detection, awareness and lifesaving new treatments.

Team leader Janine Kerr led the charge, with the fundraiser hitting close to home for not only her but also other members of the group.

As a support worker, Janine’s encouragement saw her client and Bargara resident Murray Stevens set off himself, looking forward to walking along the Bargara Esplanade on Friday, in an effort to raise awareness of the importance of men’s health.

At 91 years old, this is a cause close to Murray’s heart as he experiences his own health battles, recognising the importance of regular health check-ups and taking note of symptoms.

For the past nine months he has been living with ongoing prostate issues.

While he is not giving up, he saw this week as an opportunity to do what he could to help raise awareness and encourage men not to ignore the signs and symptoms while maintaining regular health check-ups.

“I am going through it myself and I can see now how lucky I am to be in my senior years and not had any issues up until now,” Murray said.

“I am completing this walk in the hope that men will have more awareness of the symptoms of prostate cancer, and so they do not delay going to see a doctor.

“I am looking forward to seeing how many people get involved across Australia, and how successful the fundraising is and most importantly continuing to raise awareness.”

men's health walk
Murray Stevens walking for Men's Health

Janine shines light on important cause

Each day Janine has been walking with her various aged-care and disability clients around Bargara to get their steps up and shine a light on the cause.

Janine said she signed up to help get more men talking about the disease, raising awareness of prostate cancer and its prevalence within our own communities.

“We all have close friends with prostate cancer so are really motivated to not only raise funds for the cause, but awareness around getting checked,” she said.

Across the Wide Bay region, around 3900 men have been given a prostate cancer diagnosis, with a further 360 men diagnosed each year locally.

Janine said it was common for men to not feel as willing to talk about how they might be feeling or acknowledge their symptoms.

“Men are not talking – they keep issues to themselves but it’s so important to talk about this disease and encourage other men to get tested,” she said.

“If even just one person gets better educated on knowing symptoms and going for a Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood test, then that is a great achievement for me.”

You can find out more about the Prostate Cancer Foundation and donate to the cause here.

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