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Dorrie Day to inspire job seekers on career paths

Dorrie Day
Suellen Mewburn, Laneena Eggmolesse, Veronica Johnson and Jakarni Appo prepare for the 2020 Dorrie Day.

The upcoming Dorrie Day, hosted by Port Curtis Coral Coast Trust Limited (PCCC), will connect job seekers with a range of employers to learn more about career options.

This is the second time the event has been hosted in Bundaberg, kicking off from 10 am at Central Queensland University’s Bundaberg campus on Thursday 25 August.

Dorrie Day will be held outdoors with Port Curtis Coral Coast Employment and Pathways Coordinator Shay Pearce explaining they hoped this would allow people to connect with country and limit any barriers that may exist in an inside setting.

“It will be all outside meaning there are no hall constraints or mental barriers for people by having it all on country,” Shay said.

“We hope people feel they can have the conversations with organisations to understand what is available and ask any questions they may have.”

Shay said Dorrie Day was an opportunity to collaborate with like-minded organisations and for businesses to come and connect with First Nations job seekers who have aspirations to work in industry.

“Dorrie Day is about helping our community to develop skills they need to find sustainable employment,” she said.

“The day aims to provide the opportunity for job seekers to look further than normal cues and understand career options, rather than a job they might keep for a short period of time.”

Shay said the event was open to everyone and encouraged people to come along and share their backgrounds to inspire others within the community.

“Anyone and everyone to come along so they can talk about what it is like to work in different professions,” she said.

“As you can imagine, many job seekers have questions and aspirations, so Dorrie Day gives people the space to be brave to ask these questions and have the discussions with employers and industry experts who can help them make a change towards finding sustainable future career options.

“There are a lot of school students coming, but we encourage everyone who can attend to attend.”

PCCC is committed to helping the community develop skills needed to find sustainable employment.

Through strong cultural focus, PCCC helps build capacity and empower people to make strong life choices to develop their lives.

For more information on the expo contact the PCCC office on 4167 0037 or head to the website here.

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