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Got you covered: Gamers Group

gamers group
Gamers group is run at the Bundaberg Library for children eight years and older.

The team at Bundaberg Library offer The Gamers Group, providing an opportunity for kids eight years and older to play games and meet other gamers.

Participants won’t need to bring their own device to this group, as library equipment will be used.

Over time gamers will have an opportunity to be involved with the following:

  • World building
  • Virtual Reality
  • Various PC and mobile games
  • Live streaming

For more information contact Bundaberg Library on 4130 4140.

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  1. Never takes off Video gaming is a anti social & shunned activity that only we cave dwellers partake in…

    We only have 1 internet cafe left in town & even the dedicated E Sports center over North Bundaberg shut down.

  2. Maybe you could try a cross advertising with Grims Gaming & Hobbies at 8 Electra St. (Near Miter 10) they have the board games, card games & finger painting. It’s likely there players & your players would like to do the samething?

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