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OPSM Bundaberg urges locals to get eyes checked

OPSM Diabetes eye check
OPSM is encouraging Bundaberg locals to book in an eye test as part of National Diabetes Week. Photo: OPSM

Bundaberg residents are being encouraged by OPSM to get their eyes checked as part of National Diabetes Awareness Week.

From 13 to 19 July, the annual campaign aims to provide information about the impacts of diabetes, including how it can affect eye health.

According to OPSM Sugarland, regular eye checks are one of the ways to detect signs of diabetes, such as diabetic retinopathy.

“Many Australians don’t consider the link between diabetes and their eye health, and that’s why we at OPSM want to encourage residents to get their eyes tested regularly during National Diabetes Awareness Week,” Abby Heffernan at OPSM Sugarland said.

“If you have any questions or concerns, book an eye test at your OPSM store to take advantage of our eyecare technology.”

With up to an estimated 500,000 undiagnosed Australians living with diabetes, OPSM optometrists all over the country are highlighting the need to attend regular eye check-ups.

Peter Murphy, OPSM Director of Eyecare said people living with diabetes were at greater risk of developing eye health issues, such as diabetic retinopathy, which has the potential to cause severe vision loss, or even blindness.

“Regular eye exams can in fact help identify early symptoms of a wide range of health concerns, often leading to awareness, treatment and prevention of problems,” he said.

“We recommend adults should visit their optometrist at least once every 24 months to ensure best practice eye health.”

Of the 1.4 million people in Australia living with diabetes, 10% are living with Type 1 and 85% are living with Type 22.

Find out more by visiting Diabetes Australia here.