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Sewing bee a chance for community to connect

Sewing bee Boomerang Bags
Carmen McEneany, Michele Priestley and Denise Follett at the Boomerang Bags sewing bee.

Creating and connecting was the theme of the day when first-time sewers and professional seamstresses came together to take part in the Boomerang Bags sewing bee.

Boomerang Bags was established in Bundaberg almost five years ago and in that time, volunteers have sewn thousands of bags from upcycled, donated material.

Coordinator Carmen McEneany said on Saturday, a sewing bee was held at the Gracie Dixon Hall with people of all skillsets donating their time to make some bags.

“These bags are actually purchased by Bundaberg Regional Council for the citizenship ceremonies,” she said.

“The money gained allows us to by more things we need to create and the people who become Australian citizens in Bundaberg are gifted a tree inside one of our Boomerang Bags.

“It all stays local.”

Boomerang Bags
Vicki Mills at the Boomerang Bags sewing bee.

Carmen said about a dozen people showed up to help out in Saturday's sewing bee, which wasn't just about creating Boomerang Bags.

“It's more about people getting together and connecting,” she said.

“The bags are just a knock-on effect of that.”

About 60 bags was the target for the day with more opportunity for people to get involved again soon.

Carmen said the events were open to one and all.

“You can really be of any skillset,” she said.

“We have professional seamstresses to people who have never used a sewing machine before!”

The next Boomerang Bags Bundaberg sewing bee will be held on Saturday 22 October.

Keep up to date on location and start time through the Facebook page here.

Sewing bee Boomerang Bags
Bernice Davis at the Boomerang Bags sewing bee.