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Nurture on display at Gin Gin Gallery

nurture gin gin
One of the pieces that will be on display in the Nurture exhibition at the Gin Gin Courthouse Gallery

Local artist Maryanne Watts is paying homage to the support and friendship she has received from the Gin Gin Fine Arts Group in her next exhibition, Nurture.

On display at the Gin Gin Courthouse Gallery in September, Maryanne has been part of the group for five years and said member had helpt to nurture her hidden talents for drawing.

Through the group’s friendship, encouragement and instruction, Maryanne’s love of drawing and has continued to grow.

“The whole exhibition I have called Nurture because I totally believe I would have never come this far in my art and loved it this much if it hadn’t been for the support of the Gin Gin Fine Arts Group,” Maryanne said.

“I come here every Wednesday, and sometimes I might just come and drink coffee and talk about art and do a little bit here and there, and other days I come in and do more art.

“Without that support and without that nurturing I would not be here.

“I moved to the region five years ago and I had hardly tried to draw before that and coming here consistently, it is like ‘wow, I can actually do it’.”

Maryanne said her pieces were done with pencil, and usually focused on the details of small items.

“I have found that I love pencil in all forms, whether it be coloured, graphite or charcoal,” she said.

“I like doing slightly unusual things, so taking really small, detailed sections of something and making that large and including a lot of detail.

“I love rocks and roses and flowers because their textures are amazing, but I then go and draw a part of the rose for example, not the whole rose, and make it bigger.

“The small things that you may not always notice but when you put them on a bigger scale, you notice them.”

All the pieces in the exhibition are for sale.

Nurture will open on Saturday 3 September at 2 pm and will be on display until Wednesday 28 September.

The Gallery is open from Tuesday to Friday, 9am until 4 pm daily.