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New jobs supported by Paradise Dam contracts

paradise dam contracts
Three new contracts for the design, geotechnical and environmental services of the Paradise Dam rebuild have been awarded.

Three contracts have been awarded for design, geotechnical and environmental services as part of the Paradise Dam rebuild, marking a key milestone for the project.

The contracts will support 37 jobs over the coming year and follow the recent appointment of Harrison Infrastructure Group to lead an extensive investigation of the road network leading to the dam to ensure approximately one million tonnes of aggregate can be transported safely.

Engineering specialist GHD has been appointed to prepare the reference design for the project.

This will be used to procure a major construction partner.

Jacobs will undertake geotechnical investigations and assess availability of any suitable basalt material that could be used as aggregate for the dam.

Specialist consultants Epic Environmental will undertake an environmental impact assessment and prepare applications for the necessary environment and planning approvals for the project.

Queensland Water Minister Glenn Butcher said the contracts showed the progress being made on important planning, design and approval activities required for major construction.

“The Paradise Dam Improvement Project is expected to support about 250 jobs during construction and will deliver significant economic benefits to the Bundaberg region for generations,” he said.

“In this year’s state budget, $30.1 million was allocated in the next 12 months, for this rebuild.

“It’s great to see work starting straight away. This announcement is further confirmation that the money is already being put to use, to get the critical planning, design and early works underway.

“We understand how crucial water security is for our irrigators and the community, so it is essential we get this right and do it in a way that keeps workers and the community safe.”

Member for Bundaberg Tom Smith said the significant and complex rebuild project was vital for the region.

“This is one of the largest construction projects in the history of the Wide Bay, it is critical that we engage experts every step of the way and today’s announcement is evidence of that,” Mr Smith said.

“The project team will need to schedule and manage major activities around wet seasons, and work within a dynamic river system on an operational dam.

“That is why the planning activities are critical for long-term project success.

“37 jobs will be supported through these three contracts.

“That’s 37 good jobs, with good wages, for a good outcome that is the continuing strengthening of our water security, agriculture and horticulture industries.”

The new contracts will further support the investigations Sunwater has already progressed.

Sunwater CEO Glenn Stockton said the consulting firms would provide specialist expertise essential for project success.

“They all have significant experience on large projects and are familiar with the challenges that come with working on operational water infrastructure assets,” he said.

Mr Stockton said Sunwater would continue to engage with the Bundaberg and Burnett communities so planning for the project can consider what is happening on the ground and in the broader region.

“We are committed to working with all stakeholders on this crucial project and will provide information about future work opportunities as they are available so local businesses have the best possible opportunity to be involved,” he said.

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