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Lochlan McGovern joins Spark Starter

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Lochlan McGovern is part of the Spark Starter program.

Lochlan McGovern is a local musician who is hoping to kickstart his career with the help of Bundaberg Regional Council’s Spark Starter program.

The all-new program gives local talent the opportunity to work with project coordinators to showcase their performance talents, network with likeminded people, attend free workshops with professionals, work within the industry and fast track their careers.

Lochlan said the opportunity to meet new people and gain more experience was a driving factor behind him applying to be part of the program.

“I applied for the program because I saw it being hosted around town, and it caught my attention and my experience with music made me want to progress with that,” Lochlan said.

“I am looking forward to gaining more experience in the music industry and interested in gaining new skills with my guitar.

“I am also interested in meeting new people and working with them.”

Having grown up with music in the family, Lochlan was inspired to take it up himself, having played guitar for about seven years now.

“What got me into music was, when I was young, my uncle had his own gig and played at many events from weddings to parties.

“I have been playing my acoustic guitar for about seven years and have enjoyed every adventure with music.

“I play three instruments including acoustic guitar, classical guitar and piano, and I also am currently taking part in singing and guitar lessons.

“I am now a very experienced guitar player looking to take my singing and guitar playing to the next level.”

Lochlan said he loved seeing how music could bring people together and express themselves.

“When I think of music I see it as bringing people together and allowing them to let their emotions out,” Lochlan said.

“I love everything about music, and it will be amazing to have a job that I love doing as listening to music makes me feel happy and helps develop my confidence.

“This program is great for all the young performers out there in Bundaberg wanting to express their true talent they have hidden and develop their experience and new skills and to also meet other artists.”

You can find out more about the Spark Starter program and the artists performing alongside Lochlan as part of the program here.

The Spark Starter project is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.

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