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Liberty Villas host wheelie walker competition

wheelie walker competition
Liberty Villa residents took part in a wheelie walker decorating competition.

It was a wheelie fantastic day for Liberty Villas residents who last week took part in a wheelie walker decorating competition to celebrate those born in September.

Residents’ creative sides were out in full force with wheelie walkers decorated as everything from prison cells to a rainbow and a tropical island tourist.

Located in Bundaberg, Eureka Liberty Villas is specifically designed for Seniors.

Liberty Villas Village Manager Donna May said resident Alastair Waghorn came up with the idea, which was a taken a step further by the residents who dressed up themselves also.

“Alastair came to me with the idea to hold the wheelie walker competition and I thought it was brilliant suggestion,” Donna said.

“I loved how the residents took it a step further by not only dressing their wheelie walkers but really getting into the spirit of things by wearing a costume as well.

“I look forward to the event becoming a greatly anticipated day on the Liberty Villas Activity Calendar and a fun event that hopefully all Eureka Villages will adopt.”

Feedback from the residents was fantastic, with several of them explaining how much fun they had coming up with their idea and decorating their walkers.

wheelie walker competition
Liberty Villa residents enjoying the competition.

Paddy Peckover opted to create his walker into a prison cell and said it was a great day participating in the competition.

“I really enjoyed participating and everyone took photos to send to their families,” Paddy said.

The competition served as a great way to get the residents socialising, with Majorie Kidd, who decorated her walker as a rainbow, explaining how everyone spent the day laughing.

“It was a fun day that had people laughing and it was great to see people socializing,” Majorie said.

And while the weather may be heating up outside, resident Kieran Butler took himself to a tropical island, decorating his walker in theme to be a tropical island tourist.

“It was such a great day, and I can’t wait to see what everyone does at next year’s event,” Kieran said.

Residents Lynette Jeffery and Alastair Waghorn took it upon themselves to decorate their walkers to be bride and groom, despite not really being married.

“It was the first annual wheelie walker rally which we hope to continue for years to come,” Alistair said.

“The event was well organised, and it was fun to step out of our comfort zone and have an enjoyable day,” Lynette said.

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