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Bundaberg 4WD Club responsible drink night

Bundaberg 4WD Club drink
Jason DeSanctis testing out the Beer Goggle Walk

In an effort to promote a responsible attitude towards alcohol consumption, the Bundaberg 4WD Club took part in the Drink Rite Program.

Socialising around the campfire with a few drinks are some of the best times club members can have while out and about exploring the many varied areas on offer to four-wheel drivers.

In an effort to promote a responsible attitude towards alcohol consumption and drink driving the Bundaberg Four Wheel Drive Club invited Queensland Police Service officers to attend our clubs monthly meeting to run a Drink Rite Program.

The program provides information and raises awareness about how drinking alcohol affects individuals in various ways, including their breath alcohol concentration.

Volunteers purchased their own alcoholic drinks and were breath tested by the police officers throughout the meeting.

All meeting attendees were able to participate in the standard drinks interactive activity where they were able to identify the number of standard drinks they would normally pour when consuming alcohol at home or in a BYO social gathering, such as camping.

The event helped raise awareness of the link between alcohol consumption and alcohol-related harms, including anti-social behaviour, violence and accidents.

Bundaberg 4WD Club drink
Sergeant Rob Jorna testing John Horan during the event

Drink Rite helps people learn about the alcohol content of different drinks and what constitutes a standard drink, and the effect these have on drinkers.

It also illustrates how much variation there can be in the effect of alcohol from person to person, reinforcing the message that attempting to estimate your breath alcohol concentration level is difficult and not recommended.

The program also promotes the benefits of counting your drinks and drinking low versus high alcohol beverages.

Attendees could also wear impairment goggles, commonly known as “beer goggles”.

Bundaberg 4WD Club drink
Melissa & Brett Lynch keep track of the readings

Practical activities including puzzle mazes and dot to dot pictures were completed by the wearer looking through intoxicated eyes with a sober mind.

This assisted with providing a surprising and insightful perspective on the dangers of alcohol consumption.

Drink Rite promotes a simple message to the public ‘if you are going to drink alcohol – do not drive.’

It’s important for everyone to know what a standard drink is and this can be helpful to monitor safe and responsible alcohol consumption.

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