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Planned outages as Ergon completes works

Ergon Energy Gin Gin
One of the Pegasus units supporting the network near Gin Gin. Photo: Ergon Energy

Essential maintenance and upgrade work across 50 sites in the Gin Gin area will be completed this week, with Ergon Energy reminding residents power will be turned off again today.

An Ergon Energy spokesperson said it comes after crews had been hard at it doing essential maintenance, checking and replacing hardware and upgrading some older timber poles with durable concrete replacements across the region.

“While this has been happening, the network has been supported by a pair of Pegasus HV generation units, keeping the inconvenience to a minimum,” the spokesperson said.

“Now we need to switch the network back to its usual configuration, meaning this Wednesday 12 October will see a repeat of the planned outages carried out at the start of the work.”

Today Ergon Energy will interrupt power to around 1700 customers in Gin Gin and on the Tirroan feeder at 4.30 pm to 5 pm.

Another 950 customers, supplied by the Monduran Dam substation and the Drinan and Morganville lines, will be off supply 8.30a m on Wednesday until mid-afternoon.

“We mailed notifications to affected customers, and people can also register for free SMS reminders about planned outages at ergon.com.au/selfserve,” the spokesperson said.

“Thanks to the community for your support while we’ve been tackling this big job, our crews have really appreciated your interest and patience.”

Ergon Energy Gin Gin
Ergon Energy has replaced timber poles with tough new concrete units. Photo: Ergon Energy

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