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Delightful Dominique looking for her new home

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Delightful Dominique is a two year old Great Dane (mixed) looking for her new home.

Dominique is a two-year-old great dane (mixed) looking for her new home, available for adoption from RSPCA Bundaberg.

Staff say she is a delightful girl who would be a joy to have as part of any family.

While Dominique is elegant, she is also a bit goofy.

She is looking for a new home where she will be allowed to live indoors to share your home and maybe even your couch.

Dominique loves people and will lean in for all the tickles, fuss and love that you can give her.

She can be wary of new people as she has undergone a lot of change recently, but she soon warms to strangers if they come with delicious treats and a soothing, friendly voice.

She loves her daily walks and will trot nicely by your side in her harness, but when given the chance she loves to do the zoomies and chase after squeaky toys.

Dominique has several dog friends and is best matched to a calm, sociable male.

However, with multi-dog households it is always worth remembering that each dog needs their own safe space to eat and relax.

Having had limited food resources in her past, she is still needing to gain some weight, but now in the safety of the shelter she is starting to thrive as she blossoms into her true self.

A high-quality diet is essential for her as she has been deprived of vital nutrients previously and being a big girl, she needs optimum nutrition for healthy bones & joints.

High, secure fencing is also essential.

She has been vaccinated, desexed, wormed and microchipped.

You can find out more about Dominique here.

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