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Carols by Candlelight to light up the night

carols by candlelight
The upcoming Carols by Candlelight event at Coral Coast Christian Church is a chance for the community to come together to celebrate the festive season.

The upcoming Carols by Candlelight event at Coral Coast Christian Church is a chance for the community to come together to celebrate the festive season.

From 5 pm until 9 pm on Saturday 10 December locals are invited to enjoy the free event, with a number of performances taking place throughout the evening from local groups.

Coral Coast Christian Church Pastor Phillip Monteith said Carols by Candlelight was open to all, with a variety of entertainment on offer.

“We are excited to create the opportunity where the Coral Coast Community, the young and the old and all people in between can come together as a community, have fun together, enjoy singing all the familiar carols together and celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ in Christmas,” Pastor Monteith said.

“People can expect all their favourite parts of the carols back again, and some new things too.

“We have the Palm Lake Choir kicking off our Carols at 5.30 pm and kids from our local kid’s club sharing in an item and some of our youth from the community performing the Christmas Play interconnect with our Carols Band bringing it all together.

“We will have fun activities for the kids including a jumping castle, petting zoo, face painting, glow sticks and candles to waive around and more.”

There will be food stalls and entertainment for the kids including a jumping castle and petting zoo.

“We have added a few more food stalls this year so that people have a greater choice of food along with our delicious coffees and cheesecakes that are always a hit,” Pastor Monteith said.

“There will be lots of space to set up chairs and rugs on the nice green grass.

“It is a fun free and safe event run by people in the Coral Coast Community for the Coral Coast Community, it is one of the times of the year where we get to come and enjoy being a part of the people together that makes up our community.”

Pastor Monteith said the community was grateful for the support provided by local organisations, including the Council for a $1000 Special Events grant that went towards the event.

“We are thankful for the support of a Bundaberg Regional Council grant as it has gone towards the cost of the stage and lighting that makes this event spectacular,” he said.

“If it wasn’t for the Council’s grant along with the generous support of local businesses including CQ Building Supplies, McGrath Realestate, Empire Engineering, Bundaberg South Vets and Richers Transport we wouldn’t be able to cover the cost of making this event big, free and fun.”

Parking will be available in the paddock across the road from the Carols, with the Rural Fire Brigade volunteering their time to manage the parking.

Parking is free, although a gold coin donation will support the Rural Fire Brigade’s work.

Coral Coast Christian Church is located at 596 Windermere Rd, Windermere.

Find out more about the event here.

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  1. I am surprised that the Council would provide ratepayer support to such an overtly Christian organisation conducting this event. I note the spokesperson, the Chruch Pastor, seems at pains to emphasise the Coral Coast Community, but it is nevertheless conducted within the confines of a Christian Church, with its Pastor playing a prominent role. I have no problem with the Church conducting a celebration of this important time, but I worry that the use of ratepayer funds from ratepayers within the community who have a diversity of beliefs, may not be appropriate. I recall the many Carols by Candlelights I attended with my children when they were conducted and popularly attended at venues like the old showground, which I believe was far more fitting and inclusive.

  2. Buttttttttt. CHRIST mas. As in about Christ is what is being celebrating. And Jesus’s is the reason for the season.

  3. I have to agree with Cath. This is the religious celebration of the birth of Christ. So no matter where it is celebrated it is for religious reasons.
    Peace nd blessings to everyone

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