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Music chart success for Pete O’Brien

Pete O'Brien
Bundaberg musician Pete O'Brien has recently seen chart success throughout Australia,

Bundaberg musician Pete O'Brien has recently experienced a career highlight with his songs reaching the top ten in Victorian and Tasmanian charts.

The local singer/songwriter currently has three albums released with songs making the rounds on community radio throughout the nation.

Pete's song, Butcher of Balmoral, reached number one on the Tasmanian and Oz CMR Top 40 country chart recently.

His last album, X.X., has previously had three songs in the top 10 Country Chart of Victoria and Tasmania.

Pete said he was excited to launch his fourth album on the back of this success.

“Excitement is definitely growing for my fourth album release,” Pete said.

“Even more exciting is my recent signing to American indie record label 9 Lives Records based in Kentucky.

“The album, called Wildfire, is new age country fused with electronica.”

Pete O'Brien said he was looking forward to releasing a different style of music.

“I have many styles with my country music and I am always willing to mix it up for excitement for the listener,” he said.

“The title track ‘WildFire' is more southern country rock and moves along at a pace where the listener just feels the need to dance.

“All of my songs tell a story and have a hidden message.”

Find out more about Pete O'Brien and his music here.

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