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Warm and muggy days set to continue

warm and muggy
In this week’s beach report Craig Holden says the warm and muggy days are set to continue and he advises swimmers to check warning signs around jellyfish. Photo: Elliott Heads January 2023.

In this week’s beach report Craig Holden say the warm and muggy days are set to continue and he advises swimmers to check warning signs around jellyfish.

Well, it has been a very warm and very muggy week, with a couple of windy days thrown in along with some showers and storms as well!

Looking ahead to the coming days, and it appears that we are in for more of the same too, with more warm and muggy days expected today and tomorrow, with a chance of showers and storms too, before we see a change in wind direction on Sunday, along with slightly more tolerable temperatures!

This morning will bring light N/NW winds at 5 to 10 knots, that will then gradually increase to 10 to 15 knots through the afternoon as they turn more from a straight northerly direction.

Tomorrow will be similar with around 10 knots of N/NW to N/NE winds expected throughout the day, before Sunday brings an E/SE wind change, but it will only be light early (5 to 10 knots) before it gets stronger through the afternoon (10 to 15+ knots).

Swimming: Swimming conditions have also been quite mixed during this past week, although the ocean did improve yesterday once those winds finally eased!

However, what is noticeable, is that the water temperature has warmed significantly over the past week or so, but it is still enough to cool you down on a warm and muggy day!

As we look ahead to today and across the weekend, it does appear that the ocean should mostly gentle – particularly through the mornings – which is great news for the beach goers.

The afternoons could just provide some slight chop on the ocean surface, and maybe a cooling afternoon sea breeze, but by mid to late afternoon on Sunday it could get quite choppy on the more open and exposed beaches.

The best time for a swim will be from early to mid-morning, whilst the best beaches today and tomorrow will be Elliott Heads and Kelly’s Beach, but by Sunday afternoon, beaches such as Hervey Bay, Agnes Water, Nielson Park and Moore Park could be better options.

If you are swimming, please be mindful of the larger high tide heights over coming days, which means more water movement during the run-out stage of the tide, and this tidal movement will be stronger around the creek and river mouths.

There have also been a variety of jellyfish found across most beaches this week too, mostly non-harmful, but it would be beneficial to check for any warning signs.

Please check with the lifeguard on duty, read any safety signage or messages, and most importantly please swim only at patrolled beaches, only between the red and yellow flags, and only during patrol times – remember, if we can’t see you, we can’t save you!

Beach patrols: Weekdays – 9 am to 5 pm at Kelly’s Beach and Agnes Water only

Saturday – 9 m to 5 pm at Kelly’s Beach, Nielson Park, Oaks Beach and Agnes Water; 1 pm to 5 pm at Elliott Heads and Moore Park Beach.

Sunday – 9 am to 5 pm at Elliott Heads, Kelly’s Beach, Nielson Park, Oaks Beach, Moore Park Beach and Agnes Water.

Surfing: This past week started off by providing nothing but flat surf, but this then quickly became choppy and messy waves through Tuesday and Wednesday, before yesterday morning threw out plenty of fun, clean northerly swell when the wind eased.

As we look ahead to the coming days, the forecast is not promising, but there is still the chance of some small, clean northerly swell through the early mornings.

Try the usual locations, but also consider Kelly’s Beach and Elliott Heads as serious options as well due to the swell and direction today and tomorrow. Good luck!

For the SUP and ocean ski paddlers, hit the beaches through the early mornings to find calm and gentle conditions, and maybe a small wave as well.

If you are looking for a downwind paddling option though, it may have to be late this afternoon (north to south) or wait until late Sunday afternoon (south to north).

Events: Good luck to our local surf lifesavers that will be competing tomorrow at Agnes Water in either or both of the WBC Branch Board Riding Championships and/or the 2023 WBC Branch North v South Teams Challenge.

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