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Enjoy the antics of the Kransky Sisters

Moncrieff Entertainment Centre showstoppers
Moncrieff audience members will be mesmerised as illusionists Cosentino and Celtic illusions put on magical shows during April; in May catch musician Tommy Emmanuel or local singer Suellen Cusack in one of their sensational concerts, or if you’re more of a comedy show fan then don’t miss The Kransky Sisters performing a little later in June.

Enjoy the multi-award-winning comedy cabaret act the Kransky Sisters as they return to perform their Assorted Nuts concert in Bundaberg.

The musical sisters are turning the hubcaps on the highway to bring a delightful mix of nutty stories and songs to the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre stage in June.

The Kransky Sisters feature the enigmatic talents of Annie Lee, Christine Johnston and Carolyn Johns, as Mourne, Eve and Dawn Kransky.

Venturing out from the secret laden walls of their secluded home in Esk, the strange-and-endearing trio will showcase an experience not to be missed.

The Bundaberg audience can expect to hear stories from the Kransky Sister’s journeys and be entertained through every second of the show with their antics.

“We will share stories of our life’s adventures, often reminding us of the famous songs we’ve learnt from the old wireless at home,” Mourne said.

“We have practiced songs ranging from Abba to Daft Punk, Sia to Steppenwolf, Pink to Pink Floyd and AC/DC too.

“We are very much looking forward to sharing stories of our travels with our audience and meeting all of the lovely people who have come to see us.  

“We will be playing a lot of the modern songs we’ve learned from the old radio in our loungeroom in Esk and will be bringing our instruments, the tuba, the musical saw, guitar, our old 1960s’ reed keyboard, and our array of tambourines, kitchen pots and toilet brush.”

Kransky Sisters excited to return to Bundaberg

Mourne said the trio had visited the Bundaberg Region before and they were excited to make a return to the wonderful tourist area.

“We’re very excited to be visiting Bundaberg,” she said.

“We’ve been there before and it’s a wonderful place with lovely people.

“It has been a long time since we were up that way, so we’re very much looking forward to it, yes.

“We are packing our grandfather’s old metal flask and we’re going to buy some of your Bundaberg Rum to put in it for a hot toddy before bedtime – well, it’s for me really, I won’t give it to Eve as she’s very sensitive; she’s fine with a glass of milk!

“We’ve heard about a turtle centre too.

“We’ve never seen a turtle in real life so that would be exciting.”

On their previous visit to Bundaberg, Mourne said they were able to take in the sights and enjoy the friendly Bundaberg community spirit.

“We love the old heritage buildings you have there, Ii’s a very homely place,” she said.

“We also love your botanic gardens – we once had a picnic there.

“It was a lovely place to enjoy our home-made ox-tongue sandwiches and tea.

“We’ll probably do that again, only this time we’ll bring our favourite gingham tablecloth.

“The cloth belonged to our mother and it has still got the stains from her Bonox on it.”

Kransky Sisters at the Moncrieff

When: 7.30 pm on 14 June
Where: Moncrieff Entertainment Centre
To book: Click here

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