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Toni Childs shares her story at the Moncrieff

Toni Childs Retrospective Bundaberg Tour Moncrieff Entertainment Centre
Toni Childs will take to the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre stage for a special two-hour performance as she celebrates her life’s musical works, and she promises the Bundaberg audience they will have “dessert first”.

It was more than three decades ago when Toni Childs became a songwriter known for her powerful voice, spirit, and inspiring storytelling.

Now the Bundaberg Region community will have the chance to see her up close and personal as she performs her Retrospective concert at the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre this month.

Toni will take to the Moncrieff stage for a special two-hour performance as she celebrates her life’s musical works, and she promises the audience they will have “dessert first”.

“We will definitely have dessert first – all the fan favourites will be performed first,” Toni said.

“Then we will clear our palate with a drink and a chat before we delve into three new songs.

“I will be dropping three singles and it’s all beautiful.

“For me I really enjoy ‘pollinating the love’ when I perform.

“I’ve been writing music for a very long time – I am a storyteller.”

Toni will perform hits and fan favourites from Union, House of Hope, the Woman’s Boat and Keep the Faith in the first hour of her show.

The second hour of her performance will be an introduction to Toni’s new music, from two very special albums, It’s All a Beautiful Noise and Citizens of the Planet.

Toni said during her music career she had taken a decade off from performing after becoming ill and it was during this time she was inspired again to be the voice for women around the world.

“I had mercury poisoning, and I had 10 years taken out of my life, but the deep and beautiful thing to come from this was that I was living on beautiful island in Hawaii,” she said.

“This stirred the pot inside me.

“I met Eve Ensler and started raising money for domestic violence.

“Eve asked me ‘what are you doing on this rock?’; she talked to me about her documentary called Until the Violence Stops, and I wanted to be part of that.

“I asked myself what would be the first thing that would need to happen to end the violence and for me the first thing would be to stop the violence we, women, inflict on ourselves first.”

Toni said it was a turning point in her life and she started writing again.

“This put a fire under my belly,” she said.

“I started singing and touring regional tours to tell women, to share the connection, as I felt they needed to know they are beautiful.

“I am all about pollinating the love with sound.”

Toni Childs Retrospective concert

When: 7.30 pm on 22 April
Where: Moncrieff Entertainment Centre
To book: Click here

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