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Neighbourly spirit at Moore Park Beach

Neighbour Day Moore Park Beach Neighbours
Moore Park Beach neighbours Kylie Sauer and Mark O’Brien helped organise a social event for Neighbour Day this year.

A Moore Park Beach neighbourhood took advantage of the recent Neighbour Day to share information about a vital lifesaving piece of equipment.

Neighbours Kylie Sauer and Mark O’Brien helped organise the social event with support from Bundaberg Regional Council, where old and new friends came together to share stories, have a laugh and learn about the recently purchased neighbourhood defibrillator.

Neighbour Day is celebrated each year in Australia and this year Bundaberg Regional Council encouraged the community to come together to say g’day to help build strong connections with their neighbours.

Kylie said hosting the Neighbour Day event allowed the opportunity to meet other neighbours, and also be provided with history of the area through people who have lived in Moore Park Beach for many years.

“Another great outcome from this is we were able to promote where the defibrillator is kept in our area,” Kylie said.

“A group of us locals all chipped in to purchase one and by holding this event, we were able to tell others it was available if needed.”

Kylie said being part of Bundaberg Regional Council’s Neighbour Day was a chance to meet new friends.

“It was important to host the event for us as it opened up the invite to more people that we don’t get to talk to,” she said.

“We had some couples (who have) lived in this area for many years and shared their stories with us.

“We able to advise others of the location of the defibrillator, have some laughs, get to know each other and just get that whole ‘community’ feel.

Neighbour Day Moore Park Beach Neighbours
Being part of Council’s Neighbour Day was a chance to meet new friends.

“We would never deny anyone use of the defibrillator that needed it.

“So, it is open to all, but it was purchased privately by a few … local neighbours.”

“We can’t wait for next year’s event!”

Mark said most of the surrounding neighbours jumped on board and they all enjoyed the day.

“It was good to catch up, even though it was a very hot humid day – drinks, food and laughter was on the agenda,” Mark said. 

“The defibrillator was purchased after a few of the neighbours spoke about buying one for the neighbourhood as many of them are elderly.

“We live 20 kilometres out of town, so time is a big thing if people become badly ill with symptoms.

“Most of the people in the area know how to work and use a defibrillator as they have come from a vast array of jobs and are still in jobs that were, and are, in high demand for first aid and defibrillator/CPR in their industry.

“We all put in cash to purchase the unit and it is placed in a permanent position for easy access for all to use. 

“At the end of the day it was a no brainer to purchase [the] defibrillator, as every second counts when people suffer from heart attack/chest pains of such sort.”