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Community invited to Childers Festival launch

Childers Festival launch
Bundaberg Latin Fusion’s Hannah Reed is looking forward to being part of the Childers Festival for the third time and she says it's always a huge occasion for the local community.

There will be a splash of colour with a Fiesta Latina vibe at Millennium Park on Friday 12 May as festivities get underway to launch Childers Festival 2023.

With the popular multicultural event edging closer preparations are in full swing with this year’s Childers Festival promising to add a little more heat to everyone’s winter.

Samba dancers and drummers will ensure the beat is in time as Childers Festival participants provide a sneak peek of what to expect during the four-day affair at the end of July.

Bundaberg Latin Fusion’s Hannah Reed said she was looking forward to being part of the Childers Festival for the third time and it was always a huge occasion.

“We absolutely are looking forward to Childers Festival, it’s always so exciting to be part of,” Hannah said.

“It’s great to see Childers come alive – it’s the aim of the game for us as a group really, and definitely a highlight of the year.”

Hannah said Childers Festival was an important event which had a flow-on effect throughout the local community.

“I think it is critical to have multicultural, all-inclusive culture, events like this as it shows the richness and quality of life in the area to everyone,” she said.

“It’s important for our children growing up in regional areas to be exposed to multicultural events like this, otherwise they would only see it on television and that would be missing out.

“It’s a great privilege and I can’t wait to see the community at the launch.”

Council’s Arts, Culture and Events portfolio spokesperson Cr John Learmonth said he’d love to see community members stop by Millennium Park during Friday morning to share the fresh festivities with them.

“This year’s Childers Festival is really looking fantastic,” he said.

“Council has been busy creating new and exciting events for the whole community to take part in.

“The launch of Childers Festival really sets the wheels in motion for what we can expect to see, taste, and do in just a few weeks’ time.

“I encourage community members to stop by to see and hear firsthand what is in stall for the wonderful event.”

Childers Festival launch

When: 10 am Friday 12 May
Where: Millennium Park, Childers