New nursing position improves emergency care

Queensland Ambulance Service’s Terri-Leigh Wooley with Bundaberg Hospital Transfer Initiative Nurse on duty Bree Pilling.

A new Bundaberg Hospital emergency department position is improving access to care and helping ambulance teams get back out on the road.

The Bundaberg Hospital Transfer Initiative Nurse (TIN) position will improve the triage process by transferring patients more quickly into emergency department-led care.

Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service (WBHHS) Board Chair Peta Jamieson said the rollout of this position aligned with the objectives of their strategic plan of care, connection and compassion for all.

“TIN is an example of how WBHHS is putting in place initiatives that improve access and equity for patients who need emergency care,” Peta said.

“Lower urgency patients who arrive by ambulance are now being supported by the TIN and it’s improving their access to the care of the Bundaberg Hospital emergency team.

“It’s also an example of WBHHS fostering its partnership with the Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) by improving the transfer of patients from paramedics into the emergency department, therefore getting ambulances back on the road.”

WBHHS Chief Executive Debbie Carroll said that while patients with the most critical conditions would continue to be fast tracked into a resuscitation bay or the main emergency department, the TIN would be focused on improving the management of lower urgency patients.

“Previously these lower urgency patients would be waiting longer on a stretcher with a paramedic supporting them, now they’re being placed into the care of a nurse as they await medical assessment,” Debbie said.

“By placing these patients under nursing care, [the] TIN not only improves the triage process and the patient’s access to care in the emergency department, [they’re] getting QAS paramedics back into the community where they can support the next person in need.

“It really is an all-round win for everyone from our patients to our emergency staff to the QAS.”

Other ways the WBHHS is working on supporting the emergency department include the current construction of the Lighthouse Crisis Support Space, the Residential Aged care facility Support Service (RaSS), Geriatric Emergency Department Initiative (GEDI) and the Specialist Palliative Aged Care Service (SPACE).


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