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Temperatures to climb across weekend

Temperatures weekend
In this week's beach report Craig Holden says there will be warmer days ahead with maximum temperatures expected to reach 26 to 27 degrees across the weekend. Photo: Woodgate

It has been another sensational week of weather across the local region with more light winds and sunny skies, but those overnight and early morning temperatures have again been quite cold (and more like winter should be!).

Looking ahead to today, and then across the weekend, those temperatures are going to climb, with daytime maximums expected to reach 26 to 27 degrees, and the minimum temperatures will also be quite mild by winter standards as well!

This run of warmer weather will be due to the forecast for predominantly warmer NW winds over coming days with the general trend being that they will be lighter through the mornings, but then moderate through the afternoons – particularly this afternoon.

This morning’s winds will be from the N/NW at around 10 knots before they increase to 15 to 20 knots from the N/NW by mid afternoon onwards.

Tomorrow morning will then bring W/SW winds at only around 5 to 10 knots, but they will swing from the N/NW during the day and increase slightly to 10 to 15 knots.

Sunday will then be very similar, with W/NW winds at 5 to 10 knots through the morning that will increase to 10 to 15 knots from the N/NW through the afternoon.


The swimming conditions have also been sensational this past week, as you would expect with the light winds, but we can expect these swimming conditions to deteriorate slightly over the coming days, but more so through the afternoons and especially this afternoon.

With lighter winds forecast through the mornings, this will certainly be the best time for swimmers to find the better swimming conditions, with choppy and slightly messy conditions expected through the afternoons – and particularly so on those beaches that face in a more northerly direction.

The best beaches for swimmers through today and across the weekend will be Kelly’s Beach and Elliott Heads – particularly through the afternoons – but through the early mornings, all beaches will be quite OK (although it will be low tide then).

Please check with the Lifeguard on duty, read any safety signage or messages, and most importantly please swim only at patrolled beaches, only between the red and yellow flags, and only during patrol times – remember, if we can’t see you, we can’t save you!

BEACH PATROLS: Today and weekdays – Nil

SATURDAY AND SUNDAY – 9 am to 5 pm at Kelly’s Beach and Agnes Water only


The past week has again been seriously lacking on the wave front, with just a few very small windows of small clean waves on Sunday and Monday morning.

It has been mostly flat ever since though, and the forecast for coming days is not looking particularly great either, particularly with the forecast for northerly winds!

Perhaps the best chance of finding some sort of wave could be on Saturday morning when there maybe just a little bit of residual northerly swell left over from this afternoon if those winds whip up some messy seas.
Pending what happens with the winds this afternoon, it may even be worth having a look at Kelly’s Beach or Elliott Heads through mid-afternoon today as well.

Good Luck either way!

For the SUP and ocean ski paddlers, there could well be some reasonable downwind conditions through this afternoon (north to south) if those winds do reach 15+ knots, but also both Saturday and Sunday afternoon would be worth investigating as well.

For those that would prefer a calm, gentle ocean paddle though, hit the beach early tomorrow morning and again Sunday morning.