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Junk makes sweet sounding art

Windchime junk art
Artist Larissa Dabrowski encourages budding artists to see the creative potential of junk. Photo: contributed.

Gin Gin artist Larissa Dabrowski is encouraging locals to see the creative potential in junk by turning it into sweet sounding art in a Windchime Junk Art workshop at Gin Gin Neighbourhood Centre.

In a repeat of her popular Makerspace workshop from late 2022, Larissa will help participants to create their own one-of-a kind windchime using recycled and repurposed materials that would ordinarily end up in landfill.

Larissa worked with Bundaberg Regional Council's Waste Management team to identify and collect suitable items to repurpose into art from the Bundaberg and Tirroan waste facilities, and participants are encouraged to bring materials from home to personalise their pieces.

“For this upcoming workshop we'll be repurposing old metal fencing, bed bases, wooden chairs, walking sticks, wine racks, aluminium lids and tent poles, courtesy of the Tip Shops,” Larissa said.

“It's fantastic having people bring in materials from home to incorporate into their pieces – I always recommend people consider how they foresee using the material.”

“Some tried and true additions [include] whisks, driftwood, colanders, old tools, old keys, interesting jar lids, aluminium cutlery, tiki torch/bamboo garden lamps, shells/beads, cord, chain, broken necklaces.”

Participants need not have any special skills to take part, as some materials are prepared ahead of time by Larissa, and participants are guided through the creation process and the use of simple hand tools.

The workshop is suitable for anyone wanting to have a go, however participants must be over 16 years old to take part.

Larissa said the workshop was an opportunity to consider the value of items we throw out, and how such items could have a useful second life.

“I think using ‘junk' to create with or make art with lends itself to making us more considerate, imaginative beings in that we stop and look at what we're throwing out and imagine something's potential,” she said.

“The process and effort in making it yourself not only builds a connection with your piece, it builds skills, and in this case, a community connection.”

When: Thursday 17 August, 9am to 12pm

Who:     Anyone, 16 years or older

Where: Gin Gin Neighbourhood Centre

Cost:     Free

RSVP:   Monday 14 August, bookings essential

            Ph (07) 4130 4630  or