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National Veteran Motorcycle Rally revs into town

Len Kelly, Ken Schmidt, Rowan Bond, Ross Inmin and Arthur Scott of the Childers Area of HMCCQ prepare for the National Veteran Motorcycle Rally taking place at the Rec Precinct.

Engines are at the ready for the 14th annual National Veteran Motorcycle Rally taking place at the Bundaberg Recreational Precinct from 20 – 25 August.

Hosted by the Childers Area of the Historical Motorcycle Club of Queensland (HMCCQ) and with support from Bundaberg Regional Council, this biennial rally will see over 110 eligible motorcycles on display with members of the public invited to come along and take a look.

This prestigious event attracts both national and international interest as it showcases motorcycles manufactured before 31 December 1918 as working examples of Australia’s motoring heritage.

HMCCQ Childers Area secretary Rowan Bond said he would encourage locals to make the most of a national rally like this being held in their own backyard.

“This is a unique opportunity for local community to see these bikes being used for their intended purpose,” Rowan said.

“Some bikes are the only surviving example of the model and all are now extremely rare and expensive to purchase or restore.

“It is unlikely this rally will be repeated in this area in the foreseeable future as it is only held every two years and each state takes turns hosting the rally.”

Len Kelly, Ken Schmidt, Arthur Scott and Ross Inmin get their bikes ready ahead of the upcoming Veteran Motorcycle Rally.

Community Grant

The HMCCQ Childers Area successfully applied for one of Council’s community grants, providing significant financial support for the event as well as a reduced rate for using the Bundaberg Recreational Precinct as a venue.

“Bundaberg Regional Council agreed to assist the rally both with financial and in kind assistance,” Rowan said.

“Our grant has been used to purchase safety equipment, shade gazebos, memorabilia and mementos that can be provided to rally participants and officials. 

“As we have entrants for all states of Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the United Kingdom, we are able to highlight the excellent sponsorship that the Council has provided. 

“The participants repay that kindness by spending substantial amounts of money in the region supporting businesses and local organisations.

“There is no way the event could take place if that relief was not applied as we are a very small area in terms of membership with very limited funds available.”

HMCCQ Childers Area

THE HMCCQ has been in existence since 1970 with the the HMCCQ Childers Area established in July 2018.

The club now has about 35 members who meet at the Isis Club on the first Sunday of every month where visitors are very welcome.

“The Childers Area of HMCCQ Inc is a very enthusiastic group of people who operate in family orientated club that encourages partners and children to take part in club activities,” Rowan said.

“This is our motoring heritage and it is very important to preserve these vehicles for future generations.”

14th Annual Veteran Motorcycle Rally:

  • Monday 21 August:  

9 am – 10 am Bundaberg Rec Precinct

12 – 1.30 pm Moore Park Tavern

  • Tuesday 22 August:

9 am to 10 am Bundaberg Rec Precinct

12.30 pm – 1.30 pm Woodgate Tavern

  • Wednesday 23 August:

9 am – 10 am Bundaberg Rec Precinct

10.30 am to 11.30 am Macadamia Australia Café

  • Thursday 24 August:

9 am – 10 am Bundaberg Rec Precinct

12.30 – 1.30 pm Cresent St. Childers (Please note the Childers RV Rest Stop will be closed for other travellers to accommodate this event)

  • Friday 25 August:

9 am – 10 am Bundaberg Rec Precinct

11.30 am – 12.30 pm St Georges Hall South Kolan

Find out more about the event here.



  1. Not much thought has gone into this event; The motor cycling community is huge right across Queensland, Australia and the world , why is there not a Saturday or a Sunday so all us old bikers who still work Monday to Friday can get to these events and take their children and grandchildren to view and experience this one off event. GRR

  2. Is this correct? No events on Saturday or Sunday?
    We’ve booked to visit for the weekend and it would be disappointing to say the least.

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