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Pink Flamingos spread wings across nation

pink flamingos
Pink Flamingos women’s cycling group started in Bundaberg in 2022. Photo: contributed.

Women's cycling community Pink Flamingos has secured $13,000 in funding to spread its wings and expand the initiative nationally.

The group was started by Bundaberg cyclists Trixie James and Delise Lutz in 2022.

Members meet to ride every Sunday and last week celebrated the group's first anniversary with a group ride on Sunday 20 August at Coral Isle Cycle Track, where they held their first ride with 25 ladies one year ago.

The community has now grown to 95 members, with riders participating in the weekly rides as they can fit them in around their life and family commitments.

Founder Trixie James said she decided to start the club after taking up riding at age 50 and found there were other women who would love to ride but lacked confidence in their skills to join a traditional cycling group.

“I had no idea how this venture would go, so I have been blown away with the number of women we have seen come through and join our flock,” she said.

“The wonderful thing is that we cater to all ages and all types of bikes, all ladies are welcome.

“We have recognised that some ladies just want to ride socially and therefore, we have just started the Pink Flamingo Cruisers, which is for ladies with hybrids and mountain bikes to go out together as a collective and enjoy riding socially.

“We have also seen that many ladies feel a strong sense of empowerment and want to set goals and challenge themselves to go further with their riding.”

pink flamingos
Pink Flamingos celebrated their first anniversary last week with a group ride at Coral Isle Cycle Track. Photo: contributed.

Expanding Pink Flamingos nationally

Trixie said they soon realised the Pink Flamingos group model could be used to encourage women in other regional areas to take up cycling, to stay fit and improve their mental health.

The group were awarded $13,000 from Westfund Insurance to set up more Pink Flamingo hubs and to help new facilitators to gain the qualifications needed to support their group.

“Our vision is to empower women to take on the facilitation of these local hubs and we will be empowering them to gain coaching credentials,” Trixie said.

The Pink Flamingos second hub started in Kingaroy, followed by hubs in Maryborough and Hervey Bay, with more set to commence by the end of the year.

“What is exciting about the new hubs is that it opens up future opportunities for ladies to travel and join in rides with other hubs,” Trixie said.

“It is going to really build our flock and become a supportive national group that ladies can feel confident in joining in with rides.”

Pink Flamingos will hold a free four-week bike confidence course starting 9 September at the Coral Isle Crit track, Bundaberg South.

Ladies interested in attending the course, joining the Pink Flamingos or starting a regional hub can contact the group through their Facebook page or email pinkflamingosaustralia@gmail.com.