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Bundaberg selected for Equity and Excellence trial

Equity and Excellence
Bundaberg State High School Principal Chris Gill said the trial would provide more opportunities for students and the wider community.

An innovative Educational Precinct trial will soon take place in the Bundaberg Region to provide students with more opportunities as part of the Department of Education’s Equity and Excellence strategy.

Educational Precincts focus on community, with local schools working together with local industry, to make sure young people have the skills needed to enter the workforce.

It’s a major boost to schools across the Bundaberg Region, which was named alongside Mount Isa, as home to one of two exciting Educational Precinct trials.

Bundaberg State High School Principal Chris Gill said the trial would provide more opportunities for students and the wider community.

“State schools, industry and our community stakeholders across Bundaberg are all very enthusiastic about opportunities to enhance student and family engagement from Prep to Year 12 to ensure our young people have the best start to their lives,” he said.

“We are incredibly well placed to build on the tremendous spirit of cooperation that exists across Bundaberg as well as the very effective partnerships that are intertwined throughout our community that can facilitate an innovative approach for students to engage in learning and pathway opportunities whilst at school and beyond school.”

He said more than a dozen local schools were co-designing the specifics of the trial.

“This is an exciting opportunity for the Bundaberg community to capitalise on the excellent work that is already being done linking schools, industry, further education and various government sectors in providing pathways and support for our young people,” Mr Gill said.

“At this early stage the project is in the design phase so there is a level of anticipation about the opportunities that will be forthcoming.

“The great news is that the specifics of the project are being co-designed by the 15 schools across the Bundaberg Region in collaboration with the Department of Education and our community partners.”

Mr Gill said the Educational Precinct would also improve students’ transition from primary to high school.  

“From the Bundaberg State High School perspective, having additional resources to enhance the transition from primary school to secondary school will be of great benefit to enable those young people to understand the tremendous opportunities that exist in our state secondary schools in Bundaberg,” he said.

“I also look forward to providing further opportunities for our school leavers to be even better equipped for their chosen pathway beyond school through enhancing collaborative opportunities whilst at school.

“Another significant opportunity exists to enhance relationships and cohesion between the school and our wonderful community support agencies to provide assistance to students and families and enable students to have every opportunity to engage in education or a meaningful pathway.”

A Department of Education spokesperson said the innovative new Education Precinct model would see groups of schools work more closely together to deliver better outcomes for communities.

“In Bundaberg, the initiative will connect a total of 15 schools, with 11 feeder primary schools, one special school and three high schools,” the spokesperson said.

“The schools will share staffing expertise, facilities, resources and ideas and support for the precinct will include the temporary appointment of a precinct coordinator and staff who will guide this precinct for the first 12 months.

“The Bundaberg precinct trial brings an opportunity to collaboratively plan localised responses to ensure that educational and vocational pathways for young people in the area address the skills and workforce needs of local business and industry.”

Schools work together in Equity and Excellence

Part of the Department of Education’s Equity and Excellence: realising the potential of every student strategy, the Bundaberg precinct is part of an $8 million, five-year investment to trial and evaluate Education Precincts at 10 locations across Queensland.

The trial precincts will be established throughout the remainder of 2023, with schools not only working with each other, but with local industry and the broader community, to give young people the best start at life.

Local schools included in the Department of Education’s Equity and Excellence Education Precincts include: Bundaberg State High School, Bundaberg North State High Schools, Kepnock State High School, Walkervale State School, Thabeban State School, Norville State School, Bundaberg West State School, Kalkie State School, Bundaberg Special School, Bundaberg South State School, Bundaberg North State School, Bundaberg East State School, Bundaberg Central State School, Branyan Road State School and Avoca State School.

Further information on the Equity and Excellence strategy is available here.

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