Photography exhibition exploring limits on life

Photography exhibition exploring limits on life
Brace by Dayna Murnane. Photo: contributed.

The free photography exhibition Exploring the Limits on Life will open on Saturday 30 September thanks to support from Bundaberg Regional Council.

Bundaberg’s Dayna Murnane has seen first-hand the toll of caring for family and friends at the end of their lives.
And in a new photography exhibition, the third-year CQUniversity Digital Media student is focusing on the connections we treasure in our final days.
Bundaberg residents are invited to join her to consider life’s big questions at Bundaberg School of Arts, with a new photography exhibition Exploring the Limits on Life.
The free exhibition opens on Saturday 30 September from 1 pm, and remains on show until Friday 6 October, thanks to support from Bundaberg Regional Council.
Dayna, 22, said she worked with CQUniversity’s School of Nursing, local palliative care services, and patients and their families, to create the evocative collection.
“Exploring the Limits on Life was created because I've seen the effects it can have on family and friends during these times, and I wanted to bring more attention to the subject,” she explained.
“It’s a reminder of our shared humanity and resilience, and I hope it brings hope to people who are facing challenges, and to people in palliative care, and their families and nurses.”
An image of two hands, titled Brace, Dayna explains she wanted to capture the feeling of “(embracing) your family and the sprouts of support blooming”.
“When you are surrounded by love, being embraced helps to regain the strength within us during the limits life may give,” she said. 

Ventilator by Dayna Murnane.
Ventilator by Dayna Murnane. Photo: contributed.

In the still life Ventilator, Dayna says she wanted to evoke “Breaths we take for granted each day, and what happens when they become scarce?”
CQUniversity lecturer and project coordinator Regina John Luan said the final year project was thought-provoking, and collaborative.
“The synergy between Dayna's final year project, CQU’s School of Nursing and Midwifery, and the Bundaberg Regional Council, has been fascinating,” she said.
“It has the potential to open doors to more effective and efficient collaboration, and I see remarkable opportunity for these three sectors to come together and promote something profoundly positive and enlightening for our community.
“Dayna has obviously grown her knowledge and skills through her Bachelor of Digital Media degree, and her involvement in extracurricular activities organised by the Digital Media School at CQUniversity Bundaberg.”
In 2022, Dayna won the People’s Choice Award for her evocative photography works in CQUniversity Bundaberg’s exhibition Exploring Emotions through the Lens, the second annual exhibition of Digital Media students’ work.
Around her studies, talented photographer also runs local business Memories By Dayna.
Exploring the Limits on Life will be held at the Bundaberg School of Arts, at 184 Bourbong Street in Bundaberg, and is open from 30 September 2023 to 6 October 2023, 10 am to 4 pm daily.
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