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Darcy siblings reunite at Mater Private Hospital

Darcy Mater Private Hospital
Plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr Catharine Darcy has returned to Bundaberg, working at Mater Private Hospital alongside her brother Dr Peter Darcy. Photo: Contributed.

Plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr Catharine Darcy has returned to deliver high-quality services to patients in Bundaberg, joining her brother, orthopaedic surgeon Dr Peter Darcy, at Mater Private Hospital.

Following a year supporting trauma patients in the Northern Territory, Dr Darcy said time had allowed her to collaborate across various speciality areas to provide the best quality care and outcomes for patients.

“While I was in Darwin, I was fortunate to be part of a team of plastic surgeons who completed the state’s very first hand replant following a machete injury – a 13-hour-long procedure,” Dr Darcy said.   

“I have special interests in skin cancer surgeries, removal of skin excess after weight loss, breast surgery, scar revision, ear correction and more.

“There is a lot of scope and collaboration in this area, especially when working with head and neck cancer patients, as this involves a lot of consultation with ENT surgeons, maxillofacial surgeons, speech therapists and dietitians, as well as medical and radiation oncologists.”

Originally from the UK, Dr Darcy said over the past decade most of her family had chosen to call Queensland home.

“My sister moved here roughly 10 years ago and is now a GP in Brisbane – we would travel over to visit her on and off over that time,” she said.

“My brother Peter moved to Bundaberg about seven years ago now and all the right opportunities seemed to arise allowing me to also move here.

“I was offered a position in Hobart where I worked for three years, followed by Cairns, and then I came to the Mater – working in Brisbane, Springfield and Townsville before settling in Bundaberg.

“My parents visited us regularly, so they’ve been here for a number of years now too.”

October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Dr Darcy reminded all residents of the importance of regular breast screenings.

“It’s important that everyone completes a self-breast examination once a month if they can: begin by looking in the mirror for anything noticeable, then raising each arm to identify any drawing in of the skin, asymmetry, or new features particularly around the nipple areas – lumps in particular.

“In the breast cancer journey, I normally see patients following their full assessment and the breast surgeon has provided their advice, so we can talk though the best way for their personal reconstruction.”

Dr Darcy consults via GP referral – for more information, contact Mater Private Hospital Bundaberg.

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