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Thousands of kilograms saved from landfill

Garage Sale Trail saves thousands of kilograms from landfill
Bundaberg Region residents turned their unwanted items into cash at the annual Garage Sale Trail in November, Photo: contributed.

Residents in the Bundaberg Region turned their unwanted items into cash at the annual Garage Sale Trail in November generating more than $50,000, while extending the life of over 61,000 kg of pre-loved items.

Garage Sale Trail and Taverner Research Group’s recently released report highlighted the outcomes of the waste reduction initiative showing 37% of items sold could otherwise have ended up in landfill.

The event, supported locally by Bundaberg Regional Council, was a win-win for residents, with the average garage sale host benefitting by $456 and shoppers saving money too with access to cheaper, pre-loved products.

Across the Bundaberg Region over 6,000 residents participated in two big weekends of garage sales, which aimed to provide a fun way for residents to reduce waste, make some money, while also getting to know their neighbours.

Garage Sale Trail General Manager Barbara Gill said more and more people were looking for ways to generate extra cash or save money on everyday items.

“Buying and selling second-hand is one easy way we can all do this, whether it’s hosting a garage sale or selling items online,” Barbara said.

The Garage Sale Trail initiative is important in shifting perceptions of second-hand items and supports the transition to a circular economy by getting more people to reuse items rather than sending it to landfill.

Nationally, the event saw a 44% increase in participation, with 419,705 Australians getting involved in the council-powered circular economy event.

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Find out more about Bundaberg Regional Council’s waste and recycling programs here.




  1. If it’s old electronics it’s better to recycle them at either a collection center like Officeworks or a scrap metal dealer. A scrap metal dealer will still pay you for it. Old appliances are a big no to buying secondhand as they use a ton more electricity, generate more greenhouse gas, generate more heat further adding to electricity costs of cooling your house, cost extra to have repaired or serviced, don’t last as long & perform worse.

    Better to buy a new appliance that will often work better & last longer. Similarly old lounge chairs often wears out quite quickly.


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