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Friends forge futures in regional medical program

CQU Regional Medicine Program
Isabelle Holt has returned to Bundaberg to take part in CQUniversity's Regional Medicine Program, encouraging her friends, like Jocelyn, to do the same.

Bundaberg local Isabelle Holt is pursuing her dream of becoming a doctor and encouraging others to take part in CQUniversity's Regional Medicine Program (RMP).

Motivated to return to her hometown of Bundaberg, Isabelle was accepted into the medical education and training pathway, which allows students to complete the entirety of their medical training regionally.

Isabelle said she credited the country life for instilling her with a strong work ethic and a ‘can-do' attitude, which proved pivotal in her academic and personal life.

“My dad is a farmer and my mum is a nurse,” Isabelle said.

“Growing up on a sweet potato farm, my siblings and I were always outside.

“We’d be riding horses, feeding chickens, helping around the farm or out playing with the dogs.

“We would be up early doing chores before school and outside again once we got home.

“When I was in Year 10, I moved to Brisbane to attend the boarding school Somerville House to challenge myself academically.”

While Isabelle excelled in her schooling, she said the call of rural roots remained strong.

“I started to realise that I wasn’t a ‘city girl’ and wanted to be rural again,” Isabelle said.

“I missed the small town feeling and the outdoor lifestyle.

“When I learnt about CQUniversity’s RMP, I was excited as it gave me the opportunity to study medicine in my hometown and to provide healthcare in a rural setting.”

Study and support

Isabelle's enthusiasm for the RMP proved to be infections and she encouraged her friends form Somerville House, Jocelyn and Lucia, to apply for the program.

“Jocelyn had always wanted to study medicine,” Isabelle said.

“When she visited Bundaberg, she loved the regional lifestyle, the greenery and farms, and especially the kangaroos that are always on campus at CQU.

“I also boarded with Lucia.

CQU Regional Medicine Program
Jocelyn and Lucia were encouraged by their friend Isabelle to enrol in CQUniversity's Regional Medicine Program and do their training in Bundaberg.

“It’s great to study together now as we supported each other during school and can continue to do that.

“Knowing each other before university has been really helpful in settling in.

“We recently moved into a share house which has been a blast to decorate and start living together.

“We're like a little family, supporting each other through the RMP journey and whatever the future has in store for us.”

Since starting in RMP, Isabelle has found the small class sizes and close cohort to be highlights of the program.

“Returning home to Bundaberg to study and give back to my community has been incredibly fulfilling,” she said.

“While it was daunting to adjust from school to university expectations, everyone knows each other and the lecturers have already learnt our names.

“The older cohorts are always looking out for us and sharing their experiences and advice.”

As Isabelle progresses in her studies, she is looking forward to embracing the challenges and opportunities ahead as she strives to make a positive impact in the world of medicine.

“I am grateful to be accepted into CQU’s RMP because it allows me to work alongside other health professionals to deliver care in a rural health setting, where there is limited resources and staff,” she said.

“It’s great to be able to study in my hometown because my family is able to give me extra support in the busy times, particularly as the workload increases.”


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