Judith Stutchbury awarded Prime Minister’s Prize

Judith Stutchbury has been awarded the 2023 Prime Minister’s Prize for Excellence in Science Teaching in Primary Schools.

Scholarship winner Anna gets ready for uni

Youth Scholarship winner Anna Harris will use her award to get ready for university and access the technology she needs to succeed.

Katrina overcomes obstacles to inspire others

Katrina Johnston has three tertiary degrees despite barely passing grade in year 10 and now she's inspiring others to follow their education dreams

Scholarship to help Patrick’s bright career

A Bundaberg Region Youth Scholarship Award will help winner Patrick Young to follow his dream of becoming an electrician.

Autistic pilot touches down in Bundaberg

Trailblazing autistic pilot Hayden McDonald has made his way to Bundaberg as part of his inspiring solo circumnavigation of the country.

Lleyton Peterson receives Queen Scout Award

Millbank Scout Venturer Lleyton Peterson received the highest achievable youth Scouting accolade, the Queen Scout Award.

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