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Suellen’s connection to Ireland runs deep

Suellen Cusack to Launch Second Album, "The Irish Songbook," Celebrating Her Heritage
Suellen Cusack will launch her second album, The Irish Songbook, celebrating her Celtic heritage.

Classical singer and Celtic crossover artist Suellen Cusack is excited to announce the launch of her second album The Irish Songbook.

A tribute to Suellen's Irish heritage, the album features a collection of her favourite Irish songs, which have resonated with her throughout her life.

“When Robert Rigby from Ambition Entertainment approached me with the idea of recording an album that celebrated my Irish heritage, I knew it was something I had to do,” she said.

“I've always had a deep love for Irish music – the emotions, the melodies and the stories they tell.”

“My father was born in Bunnoe, County Cavan, and my grandmother on my mother's side was a great lover of Celtic musicians.

“Growing up, our home was always filled with the music of artists like the Dubliners, Paddy Reilly, and the Clancy Brothers.”

Strong connection to Irish heritage

The Irish Songbook will be launched with a special performance on St Patrick's Day at the Brothers Sports Club, followed by a tour to various locations in New South Wales and Queensland throughout March.

Suellen will also be performing at this year's Celtic Festival at Glen Innes in May.

Her captivating vocals and heartfelt renditions of these classic Irish songs are sure to delight audiences.

“I hope that this album brings as much joy to listeners as it has brought to me in creating it,” Suellen said.

“These songs are a part of who I am and I am excited to share them with the world.”

Tickets for the Bundaberg album preview show are available through Eventbrite here or at the Brothers Sports Club reception desk.

Bundaberg Performance

When: Sunday 17 March, 4 pm
Where: Brothers Sports Club – John Byrne Event Centre (Shamrock Room)

For more information on Suellen Cusack's upcoming performances and to purchase The Irish Songbook click here.

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