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Macadamia crop modelling predicts increase for 2021

Macadamia crop modelling has predicted the 2021 Australian crop will increase to 50,770 tonnes in-shell, in a census-based forecast.

Custard apples coming into season at Makhoma Farms

John and Cassie Warren have been growing custard apples at Makhoma Farms near Gin Gin for six years, and the niche fruit is becoming more popular.

Valentine spirit thrives on Bundaberg farms

Bundaberg farmers are showing city couples the way when it comes to romance and love, according to Aussie Helpers ahead of Valentine's Day.

Science bug leads Rebecca to entomology career

A childhood fear of insects has not stopped Rebecca Nagy from catching the science bug and becoming an entomologist.

From big city to Bundy for the love of agriculture

All it took was a few summers at her aunt and uncle's farm in Bundaberg before Elizabeth Lazell was hooked on country life and set on a future in the fields.

Warren Zunker retires after 55 years of farming

Warren Zunker is hanging up the boots after 55 years of farming since he was 10 years old.

Hinkler AgTech hub promotes innovation

The newly opened Hinkler AgTech hub is already home to highly skilled professionals with expertise in research, testing, technology and data analysis.

Oztech Drones leading Queensland in spray technology

Oztech Drones is one of the only operators in Queensland offering farm drone spraying and will be one of the first to launch swarm operations.

Bellamish Aerial Imaging targets tree health

Bellamish Aerial Imaging Solutions can tell farmers how their crop is performing with the press of a button, sending a thermal imaging drone whirring across fields.

Ag tech trial boosts tree health for growers

From drones to data collection, a Bundaberg macadamia farm has entered its second year of an extensive ag tech trial.

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