Local war stories wanted for special project

War stories featuring local people and their contributions to serving the nation are being called upon to help shape a special commemorative project in Anzac Park.

Yandaran honour board restored, rededicated

Community members attended a special service to rededicate an honour board in memory of those who served in WWI from Miara, Waterloo and Yandaran.

History unveiled on Friendlies wall display

The proud history of the Friendly Society Private Hospital has been unveiled on a special memorial wall in its centre foyer.

Peirson Memorial Trust celebrates 75 years

What once started as a family-owned sugar cane farm in Bundaberg has transformed into an organisation built on a passion for providing support to children for almost 75 years.

Queen Elizabeth captures Bundaberg's heart

Queen Elizabeth captured the hearts of the Bundaberg people when she visited the region during her coronation in 1954.

110 years of Bundaberg State High School

Bundaberg State High School has a proud 110-year history which has seen students go on to become leaders, scholars, professionals, Olympians and much more.

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