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Tuesday, July 7, 2020
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RAAF Globemaster visits Bundaberg for training

Bundaberg residents can expect to hear the roar of aircraft more frequently with a RAAF C-17A Globemaster training in the region.

C-27J Spartan does touch and go routine at airport

A C-27J Spartan RAAF aircraft used to airdrop cargo and paratroops in-flight made the Bundaberg Region its training ground today.

Bundaberg local recruits for Defence

Defence jobs are secure during COVID-19 and former Bundaberg local Adam Wright is leading the charge to recruit.

Introducing Roulette 7: FLTLT Aimee Heal

A helicopter ride in Bundaberg when aged just four was the beginning of FLTLT Aimee Heal’s dream to become a pilot. As the new Roulette 7, Air Force’s aerial display team, it’s a dream come true.

Eyes to the sky: C-17A Globemaster flies over Bundy

A C-17A Globemaster gave plane spotters in Bundaberg a thrill when it flew over the region late Friday afternoon.

Local RAAF pilot touches down in hometown

Born and bred in Bundaberg, Kered James always had dreams of flying high and now, the pilot has taken to the air after recently being issued his wings with the Royal Australian Air Force.

RAAF commemorative service held

A RAAF commemorative service was held this morning to mark the 78th anniversary of RAAF Station Bundaberg, the RAAF 98th anniversary and 32 years of the Bundaberg RAAF Association.

Military operations in Bundaberg for Talisman Sabre

Bundaberg residents are advised they may see or hear military operations over the next few days as part of Exercise Talisman Sabre 2019.

RAAF memorial propeller moved to prominent location

A memorial propeller honouring RAAF service personnel has been moved to a more prominent position in the roundabout at Bundaberg Airport.

Meet WW2 veteran Merv McGrane

RSL Queensland interviewed Bundaberg World War II veteran Merv McGrane earlier this year to hear part of his story about serving with Air Force Air Crew in Europe.

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