Red Cross seeks more blood donors to save lives

Have you donated blood? The Australian Red Cross Blood Service needs you!

The Australian Red Cross Blood Service is seeking new donors throughout February and are hoping more people will come on board to help others.

For Bundaberg Regional Councillors, Helen Blackburn and Steve Cooper, having saved 234 lives through regular blood donations has been a rewarding contribution.

Every blood donation saves three lives and as of yesterday at the Bundaberg Blood Bank, Cr Blackburn and Cr Cooper clocked up 25 and 53 life-saving donations respectively.

Cr Steve Cooper and Cr Blackburn have saved 234 lives through blood donations.

The councillors each have their own motivation for helping others.

“My brother passed away from cancer when he was 18 years old,” Cr Blackburn said.

“I saw how important blood products were to him and after I had my children I decided blood donation was something I could do to help others.

“I initially donated while I was in the Defence Force and seven years ago decided to do so again at the Bundaberg Blood Donor Centre.

“Most of my donations were whole blood but more recently I’ve started to give plasma which enables me to donate more frequently.”

Cr Cooper said it felt good knowing that he was helping others.

“I’ve been a donor for around 10 years and during that time have given whole blood and plasma donations,” Cr Cooper said.

“Initially I thought I couldn’t donate having had shingles in the past, but in fact it’s the opposite.

“I’ve been told by the Red Cross Blood Service that the plasma you donate after you recover is full of valuable antibodies and can be used to help people at risk of shingles or chicken pox.”

The Australian Red Cross Blood Service has recently launched a new Donate Blood app which can be downloaded here.

More information on blood donation can be found by visiting