Free Air tops charts and helps tackle farmer suicides

Free Air by Phoebe Jay and Tommy Emmanuel on YouTube.

Young Bargara singer Phoebe Jay is delighted with the community support for her 2018 single Free Air with Tommy Emmanuel which raises awareness about rural suicide prevention.

Phoebe Jay is a 17-year-old country music singer songwriter.

She received assistance from sponsors including Bundaberg Regional Council to produce Free Air, which headlines the Rural Aid farm suicide prevention campaign.

This wonderfully talented young Australian singer’s melodic tones and harmonies mix traditional, classic country with a twist, creating a new and vibrant sound.

This has projected her into the spotlight, charting worldwide and nationally as an award-winning independent Australian country music artist.

Free Air has been viewed nearly 65,000 times on YouTube.

Phoebe told Bundaberg Now she's grateful for the support.

“I'm so happy that my song is charting number one on Australia Country Track Play charts and also number one in Tasmania, and now the video is doing so well after release,” she said.

“Free Air for Rural Aid's suicide prevention campaign is all about awareness that there are people out there helping.”

It's a lullaby sung to a person who through economic and emotional stress has come to the point where they believe there is only one choice to their problems, taking their own life.

Rural Aid provides help with counsellors who visit families, talk through issues and give help and support.

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The Regional Arts Development Fund is a partnership between the Queensland Government and Bundaberg Regional Council to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland.

Funds raised from the sale of Free Air go to Rural Aid.

Phoebe Jay Free Air
Bundaberg Region musician Phoebe Jay is delighted with the support for her song Free Air, with Tommy, which raises awareness about Rural Aid's suicide prevention campaign.