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Mayor and Deputy Mayor share common interest

Helen Blackburn Tracey McPhee
Bundaberg’s new Mayor Helen Blackburn and new Deputy Mayor Tracey McPhee.

Bundaberg’s new Mayor Helen Blackburn and new Deputy Mayor Tracey McPhee share more than just a common interest in the region – they are also second cousins.

Bundaberg Regional Council’s newly elected Mayor and Councillors were sworn in on Thursday, 4 April, with Cr Tracey McPhee appointed Deputy Mayor by her fellow councillors.

Mayor Blackburn said she looked forward to working closely with her fellow Councillors including the Deputy Mayor, whom she shared a great-grandmother with.

“Tracey and I share a great-grandmother in common,” Mayor Blackburn said.

“Our grandmothers were sisters.

“So our mothers, whom are both twins, they are first cousins making Tracy and I second cousins.”

Mayor Blackburn said although they were related Council decisions would be independent.

“There is no commonalities between Tracey myself in terms of any decision making that we might make,” she said.

“Tracey is an accomplished businesswoman herself, and I've also had my own businesses in the region.

“We each share a passion for the region, which is why we've each decided that we would run – none of that was done together. It was all separately.

“The people have elected each of us to serve in our roles.

“It's great to have Tracey in a role where she's well trusted, well respected, and I'm sure she'll do a fabulous job for the region.”

Mayor Helen Blackburn and Deputy Mayor Tracey McPhee meeting.
The Mayor and Deputy Mayor meet with family and local community members.

Cr McPhee said she was grateful for the support shown by her fellow Councillors.

“I never imagined I'd be doing this when I was a little girl growing up in Bundaberg,” she said.

“I love Bundaberg.

“I think it's a great place, I was born here, I've grown up here, my first job was here, and I've chosen to live and work and play in this region, and I just think it's amazing.

“I take the weight of the role very seriously.

“Plans for moving forward – I will be listening to the community, as I have done for the last four years.

“I'll be bringing that into the council room and hearing the views of all of the Councillors.”





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