Frog eats Keelback snake

Frogs eating keelback snake
Frog eats Keelback snake in Bundaberg.

Here's an amazing photo by Melissa Brown from Bundaberg courtesy Kavs Wildlife Services on Facebook of a frog eating a Keelback snake.

Kyle Hancock from Kavs Wildlife Services says: “My guess is a male green tree frog trying his luck with the ladies and all she's concerned about is food. Tough luck little guy, but BIG momma gotta eat!”

Kyle said the snake appears to be a Keelback, which is a non-venomous species.

“Frogs will eat anything that's in front of them really,” he said.

According to the Queensland Museum, the Keelback is olive brown with irregular dark cross-bands. The body scales are strongly keeled, producing ridges that run along the snake’s body.

Flecks of pale skin can often be seen through the scales. The belly is cream and usually flushed with a pink or orange tinge along the edges. Dark bars can be seen between the sutures on the upper lip scales.

The species grows to 75cm.

If you encounter a snake, call a licensed snake catcher. Kyle's number 24/7 is 0459 039 695.