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Meet snake catcher Jake Stinson

Jake Stinson is Bundaberg’s newest and youngest snake catcher, and he's passionate about all types of animals.

Red-bellied Black Snakes combat display caught on film

Patricia Parker has captured footage of two large male Red-bellied Black Snakes battling it out as snake breeding season in now underway.

Childers seniors enjoy an outing in the rain

Raincoats and umbrellas were unusual but required accessories for the latest outing of the Childers members of the Australian Pensioners and Superannuant’s League Queensland (APSLQ).

Snakes more active as weather warms up

As spring edges closer and the weather warms up, Bundaberg snake catchers have received more call-outs and remind residents to be aware.

Local police up-skill in snake catching 101

Two local police officers had a rescue mission of a different kind after they recently came across a carpet snake in the middle of the road.

Surprise stowaway snake travels from Mackay

On her six-hour journey to Bundaberg Emma Weder didn’t realise she had a stow away snake hidden in among her belongings.

Bob and Bazza best of friends at Snakes Downunder

Bob the green tree python and Bazza the green tree frog may seem like an unlikely pair in the wild, but at Snakes Downunder they have a strong friendship that has lasted years.

Record numbers flock to Snakes Downunder

Record numbers passed through the gates at Childers tourist attraction Snakes Downunder during the recently completed school holidays.

Quick-thinking mum saves toddler after snake bite

Bundaberg's RACQ LifeFlight Rescue helicopter has airlifted a little boy to hospital, after he was bitten by a brown snake at home.

Emu watches Bundaberg snake catcher

It's not every day an emu watches Bundaberg snake catcher Kyle Hancock at work but that's what happened on Friday.

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