CBD businesswomen share success in Palace Arcade

Women supporting women: Jennah Zunker, Sandra Reeves, Leanne Capuzzo and Cheynee Wedrat say business is booming in their unique hub in the CBD.

Women supporting women

Four successful local businesswomen say the Bundaberg CBD is thriving and full of unique places to shop.

Cheynee Wedrat, Leanne Capuzzo, Jennah Zunker and Sandra Reeves own and operate separate boutique stores in the Palace Arcade on Bourbong Street.

They told Bundaberg Now their “upstairs hub” has grown exceptionally thanks to support from customers and the backing they give each another.

“It's nothing like anything else in Bundaberg; we’ve had many comments from our customers near and far saying they get the feeling of a warm Melbourne boutique,” Cheynee said.

“We’ve all worked together to create a unique, private and inviting space for our customers and I feel extremely lucky to be able to share this with three driven and inspiring women.”

The businesses include Silver By Diamond, Palace En Pointe, Haven Facial Specialist, Beauty & Massage and New Vintage.

They each stock a range of quality goods from jewellery to beauty products, vintage furniture, homewares and dancewear.

“Everyone that visits is pleasantly surprised by the great variety of products and services we offer,” Leanne said.

“It has a great vibe about it and each of us treat each other’s clients like our own so everyone feels comfortable and welcome no matter who they come up to see.”

Supporting local business

According to the group, their special spot has been going from strength to strength by working together to create a positive and inviting atmosphere.

“I am surrounded by wonderful businesswomen, each with unique skills, products and traits which make it special to be a part of,” Jennah said.

“We have a heap of fun in our little group, we look out for one another and we support one another.

“If you are having an off day someone will lift your spirits, and if you have a win we all celebrate it.”

A beautiful place to shop and work

At a time when the Bundaberg CBD has often come under scrutiny, Sandra said the vibe was positive.

Business is thriving in the Palace Arcade,” she said.

“We have put life back into our old buildings and I think it's a story that needs to be told.

“Our CBD is a beautiful place to shop and work.”

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  1. This is absolutely wonderful. How did I not know about the Palace Arcade? Relocating from Melbourne to Bundaberg has been challenging. I hope to visit soon.

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