Bundaberg Barbecue Battle tempts taste buds

Bundaberg barbecue battle
The Bundaberg BBQ Battle will be held at Agrotrend next month.

More than 40 teams of meat-loving, char-grilling fanatics will have their best set of tongs at the ready for the upcoming Bundaberg Rotary BBQ Battle next month.

The competition is now in its fourth year and has the attention of barbecue enthusiasts from around Australia.

Participants will travel from as far as Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia to compete.

Coordinator Bronwyn Durston said the competition was in the top five of the biggest barbecue battles in Australia and would tie in with the annual Agrotrend festivities.

“This is a championship round for the Australasian Barbecue Alliance and it is going to be bigger than ever,” Bronwyn said.

“Teams will be competing in five categories of brisket, pork ribs, beef ribs, lamb and chicken for a cash prize of up to $13,500.”

Traditional barbecue technique

Bronwyn said the competition would bring back the “old style” of barbecuing, when meat was cooked on low heat for a long time to get the best flavours possible.

“This is what we call low and slow barbecuing,” she said.

“All teams will be cooking on woodfire barbecues and then judged on the best flavour.”

Competitors will be barbecuing up a storm of delicious meats.

She said low and slow style cooking originated in the early days, especially during the war when good meat was not often sourced.

“They would have to cook the cheap cuts of meat for a lot longer to make it tender and delicious,” she said.

“A 6kg brisket can take anywhere from 12 hours to cook while a lamb can take about six hours on the wood fire barbecue.”

Owning local business 4670BBQ, Bronwyn and her husband Paul are well-tuned to what makes a tasty bit of a meat and their skill will be on show during the competition.

“Our team, Bulldogs BBQ, will be using our secret spices in the challenge to create a tantalising bit of meat,” she said.

Teams will begin the barbecue-fest on Friday, 10 May and will continue cooking until Saturday 11 May before judging begins.

“Agrotrend event-goers are more than welcome to meander through the pityard to check out what we are doing,” Bronwyn said.

“Just stick your nose in the air and follow the delicious smells!”

All proceeds raised throughout the competition will go to Bundaberg Rotary.

Bronwyn said judges and teams are still required and urged anyone wishing to participate to contact her by email at bundabergbbqbattle.gmail.com

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